Mirza Husayn Ali Baha'u'llah spoke-wrote these words can anybody deny this:

Whatsoever hath led the children of men to shun one another, and hath caused dissensions and divisions amongst them, hath, through the revelation of these words, been nullified and abolished.
(Baha'u'llah, Gleanings from the Writings of Baha'u'llah, p. 95)

Mirza Husayn Ai-Baha'u'llah actually councilled his followers to shun his own half brother Azal as well as Azal's family, children included; do you deny this?

It is Mirza Husayn Ali's own words and actions which make him a hypocrite, I cannot make him anything that his own words and actions do not prove all on their own.

So to with the words and actions of Abbas Effendi-Abdu'l-Baha' whose own words and actions indict him:

Let them see no one as their enemy, or as wishing them ill, but think of all humankind as their friends; regarding the alien as an intimate, the stranger as a companion, staying free of prejudice, drawing no lines.
(Abdu'l-Baha, Selections from the Writings of Abdu'l-Baha, p. 1)

Abbas Effendi actually councilled his followers to shun his own half brother Muhammad, to see him as well as his family, children included, as enemies. Do you deny this?

Shoghi Effendi was so inflicted with this mental and spiritual ailment that not one of his own family members was spared, not even his own parents ! This even though he wrote these following words:

The principle of the Oneness of Mankind -- the pivot round which all the teachings of Bahá'u'lláh revolve -- is no mere outburst of ignorant emotionalism or an expression of vague and pious hope.
(Shoghi Effendi, The World Order of Baha'u'llah, p. 42)

All of this contradiction and hypocrisy of the founders of the Baha'i faith is proof of one thing. Proof of how easy it is to give voice to such universal principles as the oneness of humanity but so difficult for people with human foibles to put such universal principles into practice in their own lives.

Even though Abbas Effendi voiced this reiteration of his father Mirza Husayn Ali's supposed beliefs neither he or his father nor Shoghi Effendi nor the UHJ has had the integrity to put this teaching into practice in their own lives:

A fundamental teaching of Bahá'u'lláh is the oneness of the world of humanity. Addressing mankind, He says: "Ye are all leaves of one tree and the fruits of one branch." By this it is meant that the world of humanity is like a tree, the nations or peoples are the different limbs or branches of that tree and the individual human creatures are as the fruits and blossoms thereof. In this way Bahá'u'lláh expressed the oneness of humankind whereas in all religious teachings of the past, the human world has been represented as divided into two parts, one known as the people of the Book of God or the pure tree and the other the people of infidelity and error or the evil tree. The former were considered as belonging to the faithful and the others to the hosts of the irreligious and infidel; one part of humanity the recipients of divine mercy and the other the object of the wrath of their Creator. His Holiness Bahá'u'lláh removed this by proclaiming the oneness of the world of humanity and this principle is specialized in His teachings for He has submerged all mankind in the sea of divine generosity. Some are asleep; they need to be awakened. Some are ailing; they need to be healed. Some are immature as children; they need to be trained. But all are recipients of the bounty and bestowals of God.
(Abdu'l-Baha, Baha'i World Faith - Abdu'l-Baha Section, p. 246)

Even though Mirza Husayn Ali Baha'u'llah supposedly removed the past religious practice of dividing humanity he and each who followed in his footsteps religiously practiced the division of humanity as well as councilling their followers to do so.

If you choose to shut down your God given intelligence and reason that is your choice, when others refuse to do so think twice before criticizing them, that is unless you wish to show yourself as being a party to their contradiction and hypocrisy.

The actual contradictory words and actions of Husain Ali - Baha, Abbas, Shoghi and today the UHJ condemn them all. I am merely pointing out this fact.

If you espouse the oneness of humanity you had better be ready to embrace that belief in your own life, especially amongst your own family members. That is if you wish to be taken at all seriously.


Larry Rowe

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