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This is a Purely "Copy - Pasted" material. I found it interesting so posting here for my readers :

By Frank Johnson (Ex-Baha'i)

Presumptive, exaggerating, defensive and lying. Susan certainly has all the Baha'i traits she shares with Bahai Layli Miller-Muro who drafted and sneaked into law IMBRA which takes away men’s freedoms and rights (many many more similar Baha'i laws to come) and receives millions of taxpayer dollars and her Father Bahai Larry Miller who, like Susan, can’t type a paragraph without several lies in it.

Do you think if this article was talking about Muslims who converted to another phony “religion”, Scientology, she would spend 2 seconds talking about it? Of course not! She is a Bahai and her mission here is to downplay the many negative aspects of Bahaism and defend the “new” Bahais who were once part of a real religion, Islam, in the hopes of propagandizing her Baha'i Cult in order to get more followers.

They always have to get new followers since they lose converts as fast as they get new ones.

Susan says “I posted here to defend the right of Indonesian villagers to decide on their own religion” but what she means is “I posted here to defend the right of Indonesian villagers to decide on their own religion as long as that religion is the Bahai Cult. Otherwise I could give a damn.”

Of course you could just shorten it to “I posted here to try to brainwash you with Bahai Cult propaganda and lies so you will be more submissive during the takeover.”

As to why I am here? Because a Bahai woman crossed me? Details please Susan.

I am here because the more I read about the Bahai Cult, the more I realize what a fraud it is and how fascist it is, not only in the way it operates now but especially the way it plans to operate in the future. The Bahais thrive on propaganda and lies. Just look at Susan as an example. This cult has dreams of grandeur unparalleled by any bonafide religion. You don’t see Muslims or Christians pushing for a “New World Order” controlled by them. Bahais resemble Communists or Nazis more than they resemble any religion.

What drives the Bahais are the lust for power and money. The typical Bahai peon believes if Bahais are in control, mankind will be frolicking in meadows while doves fly overhead. The Bahai elite know better. They see power and money for themselves while the Bahai peons, like Susan, do their bidding while non-Bahais serve them!

Bahaism is a cancer and should be treated as such before it spreads. I’m here to warn people of this scourge because I saw how Bahais could easily sneak away American men’s freedoms and know that this is just the beginning of their “New World Order” with other Draconian laws and rules to come.

There are many ex-Bahais posting the truth on the internet. Those Indonesian villagers should read what they have to say before they are brainwashed into giving up their religious beliefs in order to join a fascist cult.


This was a comment posted by an Ex-Baha'i on a discussion related to some "31 poor indonesian muslims who were converted to Bahaism."

Below is the link of the article and the discussion.



  1. He's not an ex-Baha'i he is a fundamentalist Christian.

  2. And if there is anything fundamentalist Nazis/Bahais like Susan hate, it is Christians!

    She has nothing better to do with her pathetic life than to troll he internet looking for "unkind" things said about the fascist Bahai Cult.

  3. Hi Frank,

    You're a hero to me, friend!

  4. Hey Nima Azali
    I challange you for an open debate regarding your faith. come here and read my posts about Azali Faith and filthy people like you, if you really have guts!


  5. No problem. Challenge accepted. Except why do you call yourself David Mark when your real name is Badi Villar?

    Also if you really want to debate me come to Bayan19@yahoogroups.com.


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