What are Ayyám-i-Há ? The Poetry of Tahirih Qurratu'l Ayn

Tahirih Qurratu'l Ayn
The first unveiling event in Iran after Islam was happened in Badasht region in Semnan province. Some Babis led by Muhammad Ali Quddus and Tahirih Qurratu'l Ayn were gathered in this place for two main reasons: first, saving Bab from Mahqu’ prison; Second, announcing the separation of Babism from Islam and obvious disagreement with it. In this place, Qurratu'l Ayn exposed her bare body quite against the teachings of Islam and the social condition of that time. She was the first woman who provided the facilities and opportunities on the social basis for expanding irreligiousness and giving liberty which were some of the Colonialist aims. Here we narrate a speech without any explanation and we let the readers judge. We just remind the readers that Tahirih’s belief is what the belief of Babism and Baha’ism today. Tahirih was the only woman in “Huruf-i-Hayy” group…

She said is Badasht gathering:
“Know that Muhammedan religion’s commandments have been abolished by Bab’s emergence. The commandments of Bab’s new religion haven’t been received by us and all of your worships such as prayer, fasting, tithes and the thing Muhammad has brought for you are null and vain… There aren’t any duty, commandment and forbidden acts today. We are in an interregnum now. Thus come out of loneliness state towards common accord and tear up the cover existing between you and women. Share them in your affairs and divide the duties between women and yourselves, after you gain fruition. Have intercourse with them. Take them from the houses to assemblies. Women are world’s life flowers. You must pick them up and smell. Because flower is created for being picked up and smelt. It isn’t good to save them and not to look at them. Smell them with utmost enjoyment. Flowers and blooms must be picked up and sent for friends.”

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