Secretly Proselytizing Baha'is deported from Uzbekistan

by Ravian Bilani

The Government of Uzbekistan deported a number of Baha’is from the neighboring countries as they were secretly involved in propagation of Baha’i Faith. About 15 Baha’is were arrested by the religious ministry on information provided by local Mahalla committee that a full scale deceptive conversion was on its way in Tashkent Baha’i centre.

A similar incident was reported by government authorities in Samarkand in December 2008

Uzbekistan has recently been through the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) mechanism of the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council, and its response to recommendations was considered in Geneva on 27 July. An official responsible for registration of the Religious places in the capital Tashkent replied that "these are our internal issues, and you have no competence to interfere”.

Baha’is employ deceptive, unethical conversion techniques .Deceptive in the sense that the convert never understand that he has been converted and unethical because it is aimed at children and youths below 16 years of age. The mechanism is called as children MORAL classes and junior youth empowerment programme.

They use sophisticated unethical, fraudulent mind manipulation techniques to trap and convert innocent citizens. Baha’is are from an unethical and potentially dangerous, oppressive political movements with hidden agendas. The innocent, uneducated and downtrodden people are easy victims to such, brainwashing techniques and deceptive conversion practices.

Last year in Yemen four Baha’is were arrested by the Interior ministry for secretly propagation of Baha’i Faith. The three Baha’is of Iranian origin, Zia’u’llah Pourahmari, Keyvan Qadari, and Behrooz Rohani, were arrested in Sana’a, on the night of June 20, 2008. A fourth Baha’i, Sayfi Ibrahim Sayfi, was also arrested around the same time and faces the possibility of deportation to Iraq.

According to the source close to the group, the men were arrested and taken to the national security headquarters’ prison where they spent 40 days – most of the time in isolated cells – before being sent to Sana’a General Investigation Department.

Iran has also arrested a number of Baha’is many times for their secret conversion activity directed at children and Youths.

Iran did not see the Baha’is merely as an astray sect but considered it as an organization which despite claiming to be non-political is very political and therefore sought power to materialize their objectives. While from the very beginning the sect had been a tool of colonialist political powers toward undermining the beliefs and disrupting the national identity. The ties between the US policies and Zionism and the ties of the Baha’is with these two coupled with their objectives for domination over Iran is no more a secret. Baha’ism is a tool in the hand of the modern colonialism, weapon of the enemies of the country and a threat to the independence of Iran.

The world’s largest democracy India with all its secular credentials has come out with “Anti conversion law” in its 11 states so as to prevent this very secret sect from deceptive propagation.

According to a report published in India’s leading Newspaper, The Hindustan Times in July 2006, In a complaint filed in city court the members of National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of India has accused their colleagues of using impersonations and forgery managed to clandestinely penetrate into prohibited defense establishment of the country and get hold of classified documents and supplied to Israeli and Iranian spying agencies.

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  1. This article is so blantently full of predudice and false statements that it is hard to know where to begin to reply to them.

    First of all - imagine that it is 1300-1400 years ago in Arabia and that there are newspapers and the 'idol worshipers' are the mainstream population and there is a small but growing group of Muslims. These mainstream people would write the same kind of things [your attacks and slanders] about the Muslims that the fanatical Muslims are now writing about the Baha'is.[or you could take it back 2000 years ago and the way the Jewish and Roman leaders looked at the early Christians]. It is the same thing being repeated in history over and over. A new religion is born and is viciously attacked by the old religion.

    You don't mention what is taught in those classes that are "unethical and potentially dangerous" and and "potentially dangerous, oppressive political movements with hidden agendas" and where "brainwashing techniques" are used. I'll tell you.....and anyone can buy the curriculum that is used in these is the same no matter where these classes are held in the world.

    1. Love of God
    2. Love of all people no matter what religion, race or nation.
    3. Importance of prayer
    4. High moral standards - no drugs or alcohol - strict chastity between the sexes.
    5. Spiritual equality and equality of rights for both male and female.
    6. Obedience to parents and government.
    7. Service to humanity is utmost in importance.
    8. Belief in all the divinely appointed Prophets and Messengers from God. [such as Muhammad, Christ, Moses, Zoroaster, Buddha, Krishna...etc"
    9. Other such teachings as you would expect from a Divine Teacher sent by God......the importance of kindness, generosity, justice, honesty, etc.

    Now why do the religious leaders (and their followers) attack the Baha'is? Why are they threatened by such peaceful and beautiful teachings?

    1. First - their fear of a loss of power over the masses. The more people that become Baha'is....the more they lose of their power over the people.... especially since there are no clergy in the Baha'i Faith....they would have no job if everyone became a Baha'i.
    2. Second - just as in the past - they don't believe that the Founder of the Baha'i Faith, Baha'u'llah, fullfilled the prophecies of the previous religions [such as concerning the return of Christ, the Qa'im, the Mihdi, etc]. They don't believe that there has been any more Divine guidance from God...after the passing of Muhammad. [and there's a wide divergence on when and how any such guidance might come in the future]
    3. They don't believe in the equality of rights between men and women - and they want to keep things the way they were 1400 years ago...acording to their interpretation of the Qur'an.
    4. The passing down of false information from their predecessors and parents. Baha'is believe in the independent investigation of truth - not to believe something because an 'authority figure' says so. The Mullas and other religious leaders do NOT want the people to think for themselves. The religious leaders think they are being paid to do the thinking.
    5. They cannot argue rationally with the Baha'i teachings so they have to resort to violence and slander - the same methods used in the past.

    This is probably sufficient for now. I hope people keep their eyes and ears open and don't fall for the propaganda that is spewed by those wishing to distort the facts. Here's a good source for those wanting to get a good idea of what the Baha'is believe... www/bahai/org


  2. you are a big saddest


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