The Bahá’i Role in Setting up the Quds-Occupying Regime (Israel)

At about the same time as implementation of the Zionists' sinister plans for Jewish migration to Jerusalem, the Bahá’is co-operated in every way to exert pressure on the Arabs. Shoghi Effendi, the fourth Bahá’i leader, wrote a cable reading: "The relative number of people in that community (British Bahá’is), who have migrated, has been unprecedented in any other community. The British Bahá’i community has performed its historic mission very well." (Akhbar-i Amri-yi magazine, news letter of the Iranian Bahá’i community, dated July 26, 1950).

At a time when the Zionists were pressuring the United Nations to give official status to their usurpant government, Mr. Shoghi Effendi, in a letter to the United Nations on behalf of the Palestinians, which was published in the Akhbar-i Amri-yi magazine No. 7, has not in any way defended the rights of the people of that occupied territory, but has emphasized his sincere relationships with the Jews and the necessity thereof and has supported their plans for occupation.

The Bahá’i establishment is today centered in Israel, in the city of Haifa, near the grave of Abbas Effendi. Its leadership is entrusted to nine persons, mostly American and European, of whom one American woman, Rúhíyyih Maxwell, is the spiritual leader. There are, in Israel, branches of every Bahá’i organization and interest anywhere in the world, which are controlled by the nine-member body or so-called "House of Justice".

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