Story of a Baha'i who converted to Islam

Copy-pasting a comment I found under this video

I used to be a Baha’i from aged 13-28 and learned more about it after I reverted to Islam than when I was IN the Faith! I would never treat a Baha’i or any other religious person/ordinary person in any bad way but the Baha’i faith is what Protestants are to the Catholic Church I guess in a way. Meaning, they got rid of all of the Islamic teachings and doctrines, dogmas, educations, traditions etc, and replaced them with very minimalistic versions of prayers or zikr etc- sometimes getting rid of it altogether, to se-a rate themselves from the Muslims. People used to ask if I were Muslim while I was Baha’i and I couldn't figure out why. But once I learned about where the Baha’i faith came from, (and they’re part of the twelver group/waiting for the 12th Imam to appear) and who began it and propagated it and it’s early history until now, I realized that it’s basically a watered down version of Islam and even in this video, this isn’t the standard "noon time Short obligatory prayer" I learned to do. He is adding other things to it and even sujood! That’s new! Normally only the Medium and Long Baha’i prayers has any prostrations in it, not the short obligatory prayer. And I recall wondering why we faced the East like Muslims do- but Baha'is are facing the 2 shrines in Akka Israel where Baha'u'lllah and Abdul-Baha are buried.

I learned a lot growing up Baha’i as we were exposed to all faiths, major ones at least during monthly "Devotions" but we never ever prayed together as Baha'is unless someone died. I kept thinking to myself that something just doesn’t feel right. Baha’i center uses Arabic for the Baha’i calendar month names, the 95 names of God/Allah, they use Arabic in the greeting of "Allah’u’Abha/Glory of God."when you greet each other at the center, to having fasts and feast days. I used to love the monthly feasts as the whole community got together but the one thing missing was Salah/prayer and there was never an appointed leader or someone of knowledge that could lead our group. I was the music "minister" if you will at my Baha’i center. It was random people with a varying range of knowledge and practice of Baha’i faith & knowledge. It’s basically Islam watered down to being very minimal in prayer (choose 1 of the 3 obligatory prayers alone with ablutions), monthly devotions at the center, 19-day fasting during the month of "A’la-March 1-19 or 2-21st" ending with Naw-Ruz" New Day/years"/Start of Spring. It was started by the Bàb but accepted by Baha’u’llah! So the very person who believed he was receiving revelation wasn’t the one to know there should be a fasting season but his Son thought to add it. You have 3 central figures who are all family who established the faith and Baha'u'llah one day in the garden claimed himself to be a prophet! But yet the Qu’ran states there will not be another prophet for humanity. Baha'is believe that every 1000 years, someone new will come but they’re waiting for the Mahdi though…

So many confusion and interesting takes from Islam to create a peaceful, ever caring faith that wants men and women to be equals but all 9 members of the UHJ are men. Even the LSAs/local spiritual assemblies felt odd to me. I was Vice President once of it and I did not have proper knowledge of the faith to take on that role but because I was the only one left to do it, I was chosen! Lol

They talk a lot about humanity being equals but men are the only decision makers when it came to the Baha’i faith. I always got the impression that when Baha’i, I was a new and improved peaceful Muslim-like religion. But really, Baha’i Faith stripped Islam of so many things and renamed it after a human being; "Bah’u’llah"/Baha’i Faith/the Baha’is.

I learned a lot while being a Baha’i but feel like it misleads so many people to think that it’s just going along with all the religions of the world but Baha’i faith goes against so many aspects of most religions that I can think of, the major ones that are Abrahamic at least, and that nothing is wrong in the slightest- but they’ll read previous scripture each devotion but somehow have their own which is the Kitab’i’Aqdas (Book of Laws), Tablets written by any of the 3 co-founders directly to people, kings, queens etc.. So it’s confusing because either they’re infallible or not. They were Muslim at one point and Baha'u'llah's father was a famous Imam and his father sort of disowned him when he realized that his son Mirza Hosein Ali (Baha'u'llah later on) was no longer following Islam. They either want to keep it safe and be close to Islamic faith, but only take what they like out of it and leave the rest, or identify themselves as a whole new religion (New World Order) that is not based in Islam at all. I can remember people asking me if I were Muslim and I used to harshly say "no! I am a Baha’i!- but but but … it’s sort of like Islam but not? And no one could understand much of what the deal was.

There is only One God for all of Creation from the beginning of time. How can it be that we have all these previous faiths that still exists and are practiced but somehow the majority of people didn’t get the message that the Baha’i faith really is what is for "The modern time we are in now."?

The Baha’i temple is even open to any religious person and has 9 doors to it. You can be Muslim and pray there or Christian and pray they’re. But I highly doubt that happens very often. I always wondered about that with the big Baha’i temple in Wilmette IL that resembles an Islamic building or even a Masjid!

I’m sure that most people of other faiths have no idea that Baha'is would except them into the Baha’i faith center or temples around the world. It isn’t widely known at all.

There are no proofs or previous revelations that Baha'u'llah was to come. There isn’t proof that he is who he said or was meant to be. It was like a family owned business that turned into a faith I guess. I felt like God was seeking me (Allah) from age 12, but I thought u had to be born overseas or be of Muslim decent to practice Islam. So anytime I had questions on why Baha’i faith looks and feels identical to Islam, minus the more active parts such as Jumah and many others, no one would ever answer me. Baha'is feel like they’re the best thing out there as they’re all loving but one you’re a "Covenant-Breaker" then you’re no long loved or accepted but yet they want you to think that. This NWO thing became creepy to me as I became older and started to learn more from outside of the Baha’i faith and I felt just like a cult but in a bigger scale. You won’t see negativity or anything or forcing this or that- but you literally have to take a Shahadah of sorts but it does not include Muhammad PBUH - and if you look up the Arabic or English copy of the short daily prayer, it’s basically the Shahadah!

Anyhow, sorry for the rant- but the Baha’i faith led me to Islam Alhamdullilah and I feel like I am on the path that is for me. I still have many Baha’i friends and love their kindness. But the NWO, UHJ and governmental buildings really did it for me once I realized that Baha’is are trained to believe that one day, all the religions will fall away and the Baha’i faith will be the religion of the world or humanity and the UHJ not even in the USA will control things! Your money is supposed to go to them too! So many things I found out once I was no longer a Baha’i. It’s so so interesting how now it’s even changing more so to people inventing new ways to perform prayer even dressing like a Muslim to using a janamaz/prayer rug etc when none of that is required of Baha’is not even in the writings.

As salam alaikum السلام عليكم everyone. Peace be upon everyone and I hope that the Baha’i faith one day won’t become the main super power over the world because it’s definitely not what it seems to be from their websites to books, and publications etc. it’s just so so odd when I reverted to Islam and saw how much the Baha’i faith had taken of Islam and what they left out or changed or claimed this or that. It’s truly amazing to me.

Ma asalama.

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