The UHJ's genius technique !


The UHJ's genius technique is instead of having Baha'is teach non-Bahais, they have Baha'is teach non-Bahais to teach.

The great thing is about teaching to teach is that you don't have to teach the original subject matter. Instead of teaching the subject matter, you just teach the teaching strategies, and then you can throw away Baha'u'llah's writings. The Kitab I Aqdas, the Kitab I Iqan, and the Hidden Words are the old ways. Clusters, milestones, cycles, and expansion phases are the new ways. And if you don't worship Farzam Arbab's holy invention of the cluster, then you are not a real Baha'i and therefore will be denied Baha'i service opportunities. But if some recent convert studies clusters and milestones in depth, and memorizes all the cluster terminology, then he is a true Baha'i even though he has never cracked open the Kitab I Aqdas.

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