The Will and Testament of the Bab

In the battle of succession between Baha'u'llah and Subh-i Azal, one key document exists that proves Subh-i Azal is the Successor to the Bab. That document is the Will of the Bab.

A translation of this document exists on the academic website h-net here

Baha'is know well the importance of this document and deliberately ignore it altogether.

The first two statements of this will are enough to show that Both the Bab and Baha'u'llah were fraudulent:

"Name of Azal, testify that there is no God but I, the dearest beloved."

"Then testify that there is no God but you, the victorious and permanent."

According to these two statements, both the Bab and Subh-i Azal are God. Such a claim does not conform with the beliefs of Abrahamic religions that the Babis claim they are a continuation of (except for those that believe in the trinity).

If we accept at face value that Subh-i Azal is a God appointed by another God, the Bab, then Baha'ism is automatically made invalid because they outright reject Subh-i Azal.

In my opinion, the will of the Bab should be given more attention.

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