"The world is in turmoil because it has rejected the Baha'i Faith" -Farzam Kamalabadi

1:03:56 - "Humanity has encountered the revelation of Baha'u'llah. A good part of people have responded, such as Martha Root, who in the 20s and 30s went around the world four times and met fifty, sixty heads of states and met, if not millions, hundreds of thousands of people and did her part, whereas many others didn't. The world to some degree listened and to some degree didn't. The world is in turmoil because, collectively, it has either had the act of negative commission - that means he has rejected the Baha'i Faith because of their, what we call it, commitments to the old, fidelities to the old religions, and their own dogmas, and their own misunderstandings and superstitions, or just brushed it aside, so we call, act of omission. Or, we either went against it, persecuted it, or ignored it, very simply speaking. And the suffering of the world is only, only is because of that."

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