House of Baha'u'llah in Baghdad destroyed

Very often we hear that the Baha’is have been deported from certain countries, and then are banned in many countries. There has been arrest of Baha’is, There has been violence against them because of their deceptive Proselytizing of children of other Faiths. Their properties have been destroyed; they have been accused of immorality, elopement, document forgery, financial scams, high rate of divorce, etc.

Earlier Baha’is were even involved in Murders of Azalis, Opium Trade, Killing and Shunning of those not believing in Baha’u’llah and Abdul Baha.

Today, the Baha’is and the Baha’i administration preaches that they are the most peace loving people on earth, so much loving that they fail to realize the immorality of their own community but wants to engage themselves in refining the other communities especially the children, the youths and the women of other religions.

Baha’is also preach that they do not take part in Politics but then every where we see Baha’i demonstrations asking for confiscated properties, release of leaders, meeting every political leader even if he has slightest power to exercise. Recently the UHJ, the apex organization of the Baha’is have come out with a decree and asked all the national assemblies and the local assemblies to keep a close relationship with all the political leaders of their countries and cities so that the cloud of doubts and mistrust may not creep in the minds of these influential people. This is in accordance with the principle “not to offend the political susceptibilities of someone or some government”.

It is hardly enough to say that Baha’is are ‘non-political’ - after all; Baha’is do plan to bring into being a series of Baha’i states and, in the end, a Baha’i World Order - no less extreme than the aim of every Marxist. And, in the same way that not everyone jumps with joy at the thought of his country becoming Marxist, so we can hardly expect that there will be universal rejoicing at the news that the Baha’i faith is becoming a threat to the established political system.

Now, with the destruction of House of Baha’u’llah in Iraq an ordinary, uninformed, innocent Baha’i will be sad and depressed but the cunning Baha’i Administration, the Universal House of Justice will be rejoicing and celebrating at a grand scale because they have now one more point to discuss in their “external affairs committees” other then Iran and Yaran. They will make this as excuse for collecting funds, meeting the political leaders, an opportunity for propagation of Baha’i Cult. It is a real blessing for the 'nine infallible members' of house of justice sitting in Haifa, Israel.

The sooner the world realizes the Origin and the Aims of this ‘man made’ religion, earlier the Baha’i Faith will become History.


  1. Now its obvious that you are in the payroll of your masters country who wants to nuke the all the infidels. With unlimited access to petrodollars by denying the basic necessities to the countrymen, people like you are engaged in propaganda of your masters rather than investing in the upliftment of your countrymen. A life wasted. Sorry for you and your masters. Since you have access to info instantly as it happened it is obvious who are the perpetrators !!!!Where the orders came from !!! Wow

  2. Thank you for your comment. Why not talk openly? According to you Iranian Islamic Regime is paying me to write against you!!! How childish really? This is the proof how you have been brainwashed by the Haifan Baha'i Cultists through those childish Ruhi Books. You mean to say all the Ex-Baha'is are on the payroll of Islamic Mollas? Wahid Azal, Karen Banquet, Juan Cole, Steve Marshall, Eric Stetson, Larry Rowe, Ravi Kumar, Robert Well all are hired by Islamic Regime and all from United States, Australia, Canada and UK are working for Iranian Mollas and they are giving money to write against your cult? And do you also believe that these Mollas pays to Orthodox Baha'is & BUPC Baha'is to fight cases against your cult in American Courts? You are empty brain, ruhi'ized, haifan cultist.

    Now listen, If I were in Iraq and I really had power. I would not have given SARGULU caves in your cultists hands. The plans of you cultists making Sulaymaniyyih a second Haifa will fail. The caves where your Baha'u'shaitaan smoke Opium will not be given to you. It is not so easy to take it. Iraq is not a piece of cake that you will have it.

    Wait and see... how the illegally occupied lands of Haifa are returned to their original owners. How those Bogus shrine of Bab is destroyed. FYI Bab is not buried in Haifa. His body still lies buried in Imamzade shrine where Babis still go to pilgrimage in Iran. The dooms day is near for you and with the end of IsraHell you all will also go to Hell. And in Iran Bayanis will take care of you. We still commemorate the killing of our leaders by the goons of Hosein Ali Nari. Just wait and see.

  3. I heard a story about Abdu’l-Bahá when He was in Main Street near Green Acre. Once while walking He suddenly stopped and told to his companions that at that very sport a Mashriqu’l-Adhkár would be built in the future. Then He continued that the temple is already build and existed in spiritual world. So, maybe the same is with the Houses of the Bab and Bahá’u’lláh? They could destroy the material structure but in spiritual realm holy places still exist.

  4. In light of the revelations of Edward Snowden to Glenn Greenwald of the Guardian.UK, Haifan Baha'is need to answer questions as to why they have been employed in the US National Security Administration industries aiding the government of the United States in its mass surveillance programs. Please see the following links on SourceWatch:

  5. According to Baha'u'llah you all mozlem hajjis will go to hell fire.

    What makes a holy site holy is its relationship to God. When that relationship is severed - ie, with a new revelation - the site is no longer holy.

    Now read this :

    "Salman, the honor, exaltation, greatness, and renown of all names depend on their relationship to God. For instance, consider the religious edifices that have become exalted among the various peoples. They are all circumambulating around these buildings to which they make pilgrimage from distant lands. It is clear that the preexistent Beauty - may his splendor be glorified - has related himself to them, even though everyone knows that God has never and will never stand in need of a building, and his holy essence is related to all places equally. Rather, he has declared these houses of God and other such edifices to be the cause of the triumph and success of his servants, so that none of the people would be deprived of the wonders of his grace. Blessed are those who follow the command of God, implement his decree, and are among those who attain the goal. These buildings and those who circle round them are honored in the sight of God as long as this relationship is not severed. But after its link to God is abrogated, if anyone were to circumambulate such a structure, he would merely be circling his base self, and is considered by God as among the people of hell-fire."

    Baha'u'llah: Commentary on a Verse of Rumi, para 8


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