Bayani response to Sen McGlinn's contorted logic on Baha'u llah's wives

Pseudo-scholar Sen McGlinn
Sen McGlinn:
The Bayan allows an additional wife or additional husband, where a couple find they are infertile.
Yet neither of Baha'u'llah's wives were infertile, so this here is irrelevant where he is concerned.
Sen McGlinn:
so far as I know the Bab did not make this explicit and did not give the Babis the institutions of interpretation and enforcement that would make their religious law anything more than aspirational.
Your statement is false. To wit,
In every theophany (ẓuhūr) God has chosen what He wills for the locus of the manifestation of His logos-self (maẓhar nafsihi), among them being secure proofs (adillāʾ mustadillūn) and sanctified witnesses (shuhadāʾ muqaddasūn) and protective preservers (ḥuffāẓ ḥāfiẓūn) and purified pioneers (ruwād ṣāffūn) and lucent verifiers (qunnād madqūn) in order to safeguard the commands of God from theophanic cycle to theophanic cycle and thereby call all to God from cycle of concealment to cycle of concealment (buṭūn ila buṭūn); and God, glorified be He, chose in this cycle of theophany a mirror victorious (mirʾātan mumtaniʿan) and a crystal elevated (bulūrīya murtafiʿa) reflecting in it the sun of reality (shams al-ḥaqīqa) and disclosing upon it the point of divinity (nuqṭa ilāhīya) and divulging within it the pre-eternal being (kaynūnīya azalīya)… ibid, 199-200 and
Sen McGlinn:
My impression of Baha'u'llah is that he would not let a religious rule stand in the way of doing the ethical thing by another person. Not even his own rule, or the rule of the Bab. There is a principle in Islamic law and in most civil law codes : "Need makes licit what is illicit."
This argument begs the question since the shar'ia (sacred law) of Islam was abrogated by the Bab and did not apply to the Babis. By saying "...Baha'u'llah...would not let a religious rule stand in [his] way..." is an admission that he was consciously violating the very Babi shar'ia he was claiming to uphold.

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