Baha'u'llah was a Charlatan and a Swindler.

1) He claimed that he was the creator of everything, he was the sender of all past prophets and reveler of all divine books.
2) He was a megalomaniac and narcissist.
3) He had vices, he was smoking opium and tobacco.
4) He learned different sciences like Poetry, Philosophy, Calligraphy, learned different religions texts. His source of knowledge was not "divine".
5) He was not from a noble family. He Was a victim of domestic violence. His (step) mother and father were not in good terms with each other, his (step) mother used to send men to beat his father daily and torture him.
6) Since he was not from a noble family, his brothers and sisters were not in good terms with each other. Jealousy was in their blood.
7) He was not brave. He practiced dissimulation in the Muslim lands. Till the last days of his life he portrayed himself as a Muslim.
8) He claimed that he is YAHWEH and that it was he who conversed with Moses on Mount Sinai.
9) He taught his followers to shun the Polytheists (Azalis). He asked his followers to "shun any serpent that hides within its heart a hatred for the All-Bountiful."
10) His sister (Izziyyih Khanum) writes that one of his testicle was larger than the other (i know that is not a big issue!) ;-)
11) He brought-up an evil person like Abdul Baha. He could not teach the "Golden Rule" to his own children.
12) He did not worked for his family, he did not own a business. He accumulated a great wealth from his followers.
13) He lived in Mansions / palaces that had as many as 30 private rooms.
14) He destroyed his own writings in river Tigris!
15) He did not influence anything, there is nothing purely Baha'i.
16) He claimed, "I wish I had been non-existent and My Mother had not borne Me!"
17) He forgave the Jews but he promised to punish "others" who refused to believe in him.
18) He cheated people by declaring "absolute equality of sexes" but then prohibiting women from certain positions.
19) He promised to bring the "most greater peace" but he failed miserably.
20) He was a coward. When he had to face difficult days, he left his family in agony and ran away in the mountains of Sulaimaniyyih, Iraq.
21) He imposed the UHJ on the entire Universe! "The men of God’s House of Justice have been charged with the affairs of the people."
22) He prohibited giving to the beggars but he himself begged for 2 years, when he was in Sulaimaniyyih, Iraq.
23) He opened the "Seal of prophethood" but then claimed that a Prophet greater to him would only come after the passing of 500,000 years.
24) He had erotic mentality. Check the "Tablet of the Maiden".
25) His "religion" is not for the current society! It is for a more developed, future society!!
26) He was a cult leader. Just check how his immediate followers treated him.

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