Baha’i... or “The backbiting club”

One ex-Baha'i shares his experiences of the Baha'i 'club'.
Baha’is are the most disgusting, evil, despicable people I’ve ever met in my life. I don’t understand how they claim to believe in love and peace but only practice and spread hate, cruelty and hypocrisy. The only time they want to do actual “service” is when they know they’ll end up being on TV, the newspaper, or get some kind of selfish benefit out of it. Every spiritual gathering they have is a glorified gossip/back biting fest. Every religion has its good and bad sides and good and bad people, I’ve seen both in all except Baha’i where I’ve seen nothing but countless horrible things being done and been said in the community, while they broadcast fake Baha’i love peace and unity outside of it.

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