Why you should not join the Baha'i Faith?

Quite a few reasons why not to join the Baha'i Faith

1) The use of apologetics and prophesy to covert "seekers" and educate members is mind numbing. The thought is that if they can tell you enough anecdotes where you say "yes", then you MUST declare yourself a Baha'i or join a Study Group. It's brainwashing.

2) While there are no clergy, there are many people holding positions in the administration that have the same authority over its members. Cross one of those people, and you'll find out exactly where you stand.

3) Its membership (Real Baha'is) is made up of Persians, wannabe Persians, and people who the faith intends to convert to wannabe Persians. All roads lead to Persian culture worship.

4) Be prepared to open up your wallet often. They want a good chunk of your income and 19% of your wealth. As others have posted, you will be reminded of this very often, and people will visit your home to "educate" you about how much you should be giving.

5) Baha'i "teaching" is proselytization. No more. No less. Interfaith gatherings Baha'is organize are aimed at one thing... conversion. You will be asked to do a lot of it.

6) Ruhi books are written at a 3rd grade reading level. Hope you enjoy.

7) Unity is both a Baha'i principle and weapon. It sounds good until you disagree with anything you've been told or read. The UHJ is infallible after all :)

8) None of them I've met actually follow the Baha'i laws. If you drink alcohol, take drugs, fornicate, participate in a gay relationship, backbite, eat during fasts, etc, then the personal repercussions are the equivalent of "Oopsies!" It's a joke.

9) Their membership numbers are highly inflated. 5 million members are actually around 100-200 thousand members.

10) It's a social movement. The vast majority of their recruiting is aimed at poor minorities.

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