Mirza Abu'l-Fadl Gulpaygani writes a letter to "the esteemed officer of the glorious and mighty government of Russia"

From Samarkand, to the attention of the esteemed officer of the glorious and mighty government of Russia, His Excellency Mirza Alexander Tumanski [Туманский Александр Григорьевич Major-General of the Russian Imperial Army], may God exalt him continuously.

From the most humble writer Abu al-Fazl Gulpayigani, 3 Rabi' al-Awwal 1310 [25 September 1892].
In the name of God!

My immensely cherished, illumined and learned sir:

I pray to the almighty God that Your Highness may be constantly successful in improving the fortunes of society and the protection of the realm of humanity, so that your efforts may be adorned with increased dignity and prized accomplishments.

During the time that I have been deprived of meeting you and conversing with you, I have constantly wished to express my best wishes through correspondence. Unfortunately, as you are aware, the perils of the last year have prevented me from doing so, until now that the clouds of calamity and afflictions in this land have scattered and I have left Bukhara and arrived in Samarkand and received the tablet from the Beloved Master, the Most Great Branch, His Holiness Abbas Effendi, may God illumine the world with his effulgence and glorious countenance. Since in that tablet there was mention of the publication of the Kitab-i Aqdas, it is now opportune to convey the instructions of the Beloved, that perchance I may gain the privilege of your response.

In that mighty tablet the request is made that Your Excellency delay the publication of this Kitab-i-Aqdas, as the mere act of publication would open the gates of turmoil and cause great afflictions for the friends. No doubt Your Highness is aware of the animosity and mischief of the Islamic sects towards the Babis, specially the Arabs residing in the Holy Land, who are renowned for their brutality and aggression even more than savages. End.

More about Tumanski in Russian

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