Nasim Aghdam: Youtube shooter was a Baha’i

Nasime Sabz is a Baha'i activist who has written extensively about her findings, her experience, veganism and human-animal liberation. Nasime is mainly active on youtube but has previously had her own TV Show on Persian Satellite (the first of its kind in Persia). However due to financial constraints Nasime in no longest on mainstream TV, but no doubt, she’ll be back. Nasime’s approach is aimed at ‘inciting’ kindness to all living beings. Check out some of her mouth watering recipes here. Nasime has a resourceful website and also a ‘new’ facebook page as well 100’s of video on youtube and google+. Another Bahai leading the way.

The NSA of the United States has issued a statement saying that she was a Registered Baha'i and that she declared in 1996.

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  1. It does not matter what religion she was raised as. The moment she picked up a gun to shoot innocent people, she went outside the standards of any faith in the world.

    1. On the contrary, such violence is very much in keeping with the standards of Baha'ism.

  2. Although, I have to say, I 100% agree with what she said in her very last video

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