Flattering American Baha'is...

“O friends! ... your high destiny….
Ye are the stars of the heaven of understanding,
the breeze that stirreth at the break of day,
the soft-flowing waters upon which must depend the very life of all men,
the letters inscribed upon His sacred scroll.
Ye are the breezes of spring that are wafted over the world.
All very flattering, for people who like being flattered. A great boost to the ego. Narcissists like to flatter people too... it is one of their tools to convince people to do their will. Like a spider spinning a web.
Beware lest anything withhold you from observing the things prescribed unto you ...
If flattery doesn't work, maybe threats will. He's appealing to their fear.
We have made you to be the hands of Our Cause. Render ye victorious this Wronged One ...
This is how he got people to work for him. Flatter, threaten, then demand.
He, verily, will aid everyone that aideth Him ...
Such is the station ordained for the true believer that if to an extent smaller than a needle’s eye the glory of that station were to be unveiled to mankind, every beholder would be consumed away in his longing to attain it.
More bribery.

The hope for eternal glory - that's very appealing to the ego.
If Baha'is really think Satan is the EGO they should look within to figure out what really attracts them to this religion and keeps them mired in it.

Video : Peter Khan following the footsteps of Shoghi Effendi


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