One Quote three Translations. Old & New Baha'i Translations compared to Literal Translation.

"...that all Palestine will become their home."

Iraqi Jews arriving in Israel. Operation Ezra and Nehemiah in 1950.
This operation is also known as Operation Ali Baba.
Old Baha'i Translation:

"You can see that from all the parts of the world tribes of Jews are coming to the Holy Land; they live in villages and lands which they make their own, and day by day they are increasing to such an extent, that all Palestine will become their home."
(Abdu'l-Bahá: Some Answered Questions, p. 66, 1985 ed.)

New Baha'i Translation :

Observe how from all corners of the world Jewish peoples are coming to the Holy Land, acquiring villages and lands to inhabit, and increasing day by day to such an extent that all Palestine is becoming their home. 

(Abdu'l-Baha, Some Answered Questions New Translation)

Operation :

Comment by /u/investigator919 : The original text shows all hallmarks of Persian-Baha'i scripture: Using archaic words, excessive usage of Arabic terms, very very uneloquent prose, and misplacement of verbs with present tense in a sentence where a verb with future tense is expected and vice-versa. It is a low standard even for Gothic Qajar era style of writing that Abdu'l-Baha and Baha'u'llah use.

This is a literal translation of the Farsi text.

"You are observing that from around the world the Jewish tribes will come to the Holy land and will acquire villages and lands and will settle there. They are increasing every day in number to an extent that all of Palestine will become their home."

As you can see both Baha'i translations are incorrect and have distorted portions of the text. What is disturbing is the fact that in the new translation, "will" has been changed to "is":

"Palestine will become their home"
"Palestine is becoming their home"

Regardless of /u/senmcglinn 's explanation on this last section, the Persian reads: "Palestine will become their home." in fact Abdu'l-Bahas statements elsewhere confirm this fact. For example see this:

"Moreover, materially as well (as spiritually), the Israelites will gather in the Holy Land. This is irrefutable prophecy, for the ignominy which Israel has suffered for well-nigh twenty-five hundred years will now be changed into eternal glory, and in the eyes of all, the Jewish people will become glorified to such an extent as to draw the jealousy of its enemies and the envy of its friends."

Another fact that isn't mentioned in this regard is that Baha'is believe Israel will become a completely Baha'i state and Judaism will become eradicated:

"Regarding your question concerning the future of the Jews: They certainly have, as explicitly stated by the Master, a great spiritual destiny, and will gradually enter the Faith in large groups."

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