Baha'i Awakening : "I feel like my NSA is asking me to be their puppet in political campaign."

By tgisfw

Once again I got a letter asking me to call my political representatives regarding a resolution. I don't think this is a good tactic. But more than telling me what to to - they also say what "not" to do.

The NSA says :

As this is a telephone campaign, do not send requests in writing, whether by email or otherwise. Further, do not attempt to engage your representative’s or senators’ office staffs in conversation beyond a simple request for cosponsoring the resolutions. Each call should take only a few minutes.

To my mind unless someone is really familiar with the resolution you should not support it. Politicians are tricky and there may be things "attached" to the resolution that may not be good at all. And what about other resolutions they make that I don't agree with ? It seems like if this is a practice that Baha'is feel is good - should not I also write or call-in in regards to resolutions that I don't like when it involves war or bombing or occupation of countries with military force or sanctions ? I think we need consistency. If we are to support or not support resolutions then allow us to do so in a manner that the constitution allows, not simply in a way the LSA thinks is good. I don't think the NSA should determine the Baha'i communities political POV.

I think the LSA at most should say there is the resolution in question and encourage the friends to study it and explain why they think it is important. But to say when and how we should respond to this in my mind is dangerous practice. Are we to be like sheep and just do what they say? What if I want to write a letter instead of calling. Are they saying I can't ? There are many "sheep" in our communities and with all good intention will simply obey - but This is what is known as "slippery slope." Instead of telling the friends what to do , the friends should be empowered to know how to say aware of these types of actions in congress and act appropriately as they see fit. This would be creating better Baha'is and more valuable resources and seems to be goal or core activities.

This entire approach needs to be studied with some consultation with the community. The idea of asking the friends to contact a political leader or representative with a specific message - I don't see this as part of what I understood to be my responsibility or duty of LSA when I became a Baha'i.

It would be nice to have a deepening first on why they do this. And how they determine what resolutions are important.

In general I think this is the final result of this kind of letter: Baha'is are saying things that may not be genuine to what they feel about the resolution. I think the NSA should emphasize don't do anything until you read the resolutions for yourself.

Some Baha'i will say " well just don't do it " but I feel that the community is being groomed for "brain washed" type actions.

It does not seem right at all. I would never say I support this or that to a political leader unless I was fully up to date on the resolution of alternative POV on how to handle the issue in political manner.

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