Latest Indian census exposed the myth of 2.2 million Baha'is

Why Baha'is lie ? 

B'Coz they follow 'Abdul-Baha.

Six months ago several newspapers in the United States quoted Abdul Baha saying that there were 2 million Baha'is in the world. 6 months later he is quoted as saying he has ten million followers !!!

This high number is further strengthened by a quote from another newspaper several days later in which Abdu’l-Baha claims he has converted several million people to Baha’ism himself:

"... claims to have converted several million people, including Christian, Mohammedans and Jews to the Baha’ism faith..."
Now the official Indian Baha'i community on its website claims that there are over 2 million Baha'is in India

While recently released (2016) "Data on Religion" by the Census Department of Government of India states the Baha'i population as 4,572. Baha'is consider 'Abdul-Baha as their role model so this not astonishing.

Recent census shows Baha'is exiting by troops - at least in India.

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