Baha'is desparate to expand their base in the Arab world.

Recently Baha'is have launched official websites for many Middle Eastern Arab countries aiming at gaining more Human Resource for their cult. The only Middle Eastern countries left are Israel and Saudi Arabia. Hope they will soon launch official Baha'i websites of these two countries also.

Baha'is have good base in the UAE and they have full freedom to practice their faith. They have an agreement with the government that they will practice peacefully and not try to convert any UAE citizen to their cult. This kind of agreement is also in force with the Israeli and Saudi governments. The only country where they create disturbance is Iran where they openly preach their faith and create conflict with the government authorities.

With the aim of spreading their faith in the Arab lands Baha'is organize an annual conference by the name of "American Arab Conference". The conference is actually "A Baha'i Conference to attract Arabs". This conference usually starts with the Message from the NSA of United States to the dignitaries, followed by brainstorming (brainwashing) lectures promoting the Baha'i cause. The guests / speakers participating are mostly Baha'is and Baha'i friendly personalities. The conference is projected as if it is a real "American Arab Conference". This is the 5th year of this conference.

Official Facebook page says 52 people are interested and 19 are going as on 29th June 2016 !

More details at

Till today Baha'is have gained noting fruitful by these type of conferences but their aim is high and they are working hard to expand their base in the Arab world. Baha'ism is considered a cult in the Arab world and most Arabs do not like Baha'is due to their stand on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, their hypocrisy and double standards of their leaders. Baha'is throughout the world are famous for their dubious behavior and acting against the interest of "Unity" under the garb of rosy slogans. For the already disturbed Arab world Baha'i faith is creating more problems by stepping its feet in these countries.

Please put a glance at the last years program.

Baha'is are not interested politics but they are interested in Arab Spring & regime change in some countries.
They talk of Equality of Men and Women while themselves not allowing membership to women in the UHJ.

May be the "exposed hypocrisy" of the Haifan Baha'is is one of the many reasons that their official website is blocked by the Internet department of the UAE government.

This year Mrs. Tahani Helmy and Ms. May Rihani (not in picture) have been given the difficult task of entertaining the guests.

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