Baha'i women are conditioned to flirt with any possible potential convert around.

Can you believe a persian Baha'i lady (even if she is obese) would marry a colored man if he is poor ?

The Baha’i Administration never fails to propagate about their plagiarized 12 principles, which are never practiced by the Baha’is. The only principle which the Baha’i administration and the Baha’is practice very religiously and effectively is the 13th unwritten principle of the Baha’i Faith and that is the use of Baha’i women in attraction of potential converts to the Faith. In a comment on Mr. Dale Husband's video "A Big Lie of the Baha'i" one user named "taeril1" (probably an ex-Baha'i) states:

“I got sick of seeing how women are conditioned to flirt with any possible potential convert around. For the Baha’i administration, most worthy of women values are their bodies - which are conditioned to attract new followers to Baha’i faith”.
The Baha’i Study Circles are arranged by "charming Baha’i teachers" in order to attract non Baha’is. We can see the innumerable Baha’i love stories doing rounds on the Internet ( where such love affairs of Baha’i teachers are exposed. The case of Sama Sabet ( and Dilavara Mihrshahi ( is not unknown to the Baha'is of India. The Baha’i women are programmed to trap wealthy, influential, capable non-Baha’is to the Faith. This is the prevalent culture worldwide and Baha’i Administration doesn’t think it bad. In fact Baha’i women successful in implementing this 13th unwritten principle are awarded by rise in the Administration.

Abusing women or women offering themselves for Baha'u'llah, part of the 13th Principle, is deeply embossed in the Baha’i Administration. Top administrative body of the Baha'is prefer unmarried ladies to work for them. The eligibility of a lady Baha’i volunteer to work at the Baha’i World Centre is to be unmarried, so she can serve the staff working at the Baha'i World Centre (UHJ & ITC). Once these ladies pass the prime of their age they are returned back to their places where they live a miserable horrifying unmarried life for the rest of their life. Baha’i Administration calls this abuse of Baha’i ladies as "Service at the World Centre".

Baha'i ladies are motivated to use their charm to make people believe their inflated census, false notion of injustice in Iran, narrate fake incidences to influence the people of higher standing in the society and obtain benefits like approval of cemetery, manipulate media reports on human rights, heritage status for their temples, minority rights, unnecessary benefits in Educational Institutions and so on. They have done this in almost every country where they exist.

Mr. Peter Khan the former UHJ member along with Hands of cause Mr. Aziz Yazdi use to kiss young girls in full view of the public. Many of the counselors are divorce/e and have had history of out of marriage relations. Mrs. Delafruz Nassimova was seen being very intimate to Mr. Omid Seiosansian during her visit to India in Delhi some years back. Mr. Omid is very often praised by UHJ not for his administrative capabilities but the amount of efforts he puts in helping the Baha’i women to implement the 13th principle. Baha’i culture is that young girls rock in presence of the aged parents and grandparents with suggestive pelvic thrusts which are appreciated by NSA members and counselors. Once Mr. Fatheazam fired a community because there was no vulgar dance by young girls in their NDF. He found that NDF boring.

A Baha'i "study circle" in Azerbaijan

Again, the purpose of sending young unmarried Iranian girls to different parts of the globe is to see the implementation of this 13th principle effectively as Iranians Baha’is are good followers of Baha’i Administration.

Till today no Baha’i has been reprimanded by Baha’i administration due to sexual misconduct.  However the administration never fails to threaten a sincere Baha’i if he were to go against the wishes of UHJ. A Baha’i not following the 13th unwritten principle will be marked as faithless and will not be taken into Baha’i Administration if his wife is not willing to follow the 13th principle.

Looking at the Baha’i culture one can easily understand that it is not a Faith but a social club with a very specific and dangerous aim. A deep study into the Baha’i Faith will reveal Abdul Baha and Shoghi followed the same principle which the UHJ is implementing it with their counselors.

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  1. Please read and respond to this blog entry I just made:

    Your credibility, and mine as well, are at stake.

    1. And I finally found the original comment by that user. Here it is:

      Bahai administration is in its infancy? Religion is older already than 150 years. If you mean its in its infancy because christianity or Islam are older than 1000 years, consider that when those religions were formed there was no print, transportation was no where near to todays standard, and now in days of Internet, your little religion has oportunities to grow that no other religion ever had before. Yet you are little and will stay little, no entry in troops for you guys.

      Your apologies how your religion is in its infancy goes just to show that Bahai religion is backward, same as your treating of women is backwards, for Bahai administration the most worthy of women values is their body which they are conditioned to attract new folowera in Bahai faith. And reason they are not allowed into governing positions of faith is that they could change their status, they could actualy be empowered to realize how sexist Bahai treatment of women realy is.

      But this is gold, "it is completely possible if not probable that in the future there will be offices at the highest levels that only women can sit in"

      It just shows how brainwashed you guys are, what you are writing about is caled segregation, it equals blacks segregation in USA back in the day.

      One more gold from you "equal does not mean the same and the goal is unity in diversity"

      Well let me tell you what equal means, equal means equal in front of the law, equal means having same oportunities, but neither of those does women have in the Bahai faith. Offten, when women are sexualy assaulted by male Bahais, after they turn for help to administration, they are silenced down, if they procede to report crime, they are treated as crazy, being rejected and expeled from community. With those who comited crime, being positevly reinforced to comit similar crimes again.

      Spent time in Bahai community and got sick of seing how women were conditioned to flirt with any posible potential convert around.}}}

  2. Dear Dale,

    My apologies. I did not do that deliberately. It was a mistake. You are correct the words were not said by you. I will immediately correct it on my blog - actually I had copied it from another blog.

    The words mentioned were published on your Vlog at youtube as a comment by the user named "taeril1" and I understand that you are not responsible for it. The comment is still there in the comment section beneath your video titled "A Big Lie of the Baha'i". I will correctly attribute the sentence at my blog. For other's I am not responsible.

    Thank you for bringing this to my notice. Apologies for trouble caused to you.

    God bless you.



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