Iranian Freemasons and the Baha'is

There were a lot of Baha'is among the Iranian Masons. One of the most prominent Freemason was Mirza Malkam Khan Armani, known as the father of masonry of Iran. Other people were :
  • Ali Qoli Nabiludduleh
  • Mirza Aqa Khan Kermani
  • Ebrahim Hakimi
  • Sayyid Jamal Vaez
  • Zabihullah Qurban
  • Ehsan Yarshater
  • Amir Abbas Hoveyda
  • Pari Abasalti
Several people such as the warlord Mohiee, Ehsanullah Khan Doostar, Asad Allah Khan Abul Fath and etc. played an important role in terrorist activities during the constitutional periods of time planned by the secret communities.

Most of these people were Babis and some were Baha'is. They gathered together after establishing Masonry organization called the Iranian awakening lodge (1907). One of the most important factors in deviating the constitutional system were the activities and measures done by such people in the direction of the colonial aims. [1]

During Pahlavi era, Baha'is played an important role in favor of colonialist ideas and policies along with the Masonry and Zionist agents. Most of the king's relatives and most of the country executors were Baha'is. [2]

During the years of standardization of the oil industry Homayoun lodge was established in Iran. One of its main purpose was confronting against anti - colonial oil movement and spying for England. One of the members of this lodge was Dr. Zabih Allah Qurban who was one of the Baha'i members and influential person in Shiraz. He was the chairman of the medical college of Shiraz University and a member of Hafiz lodge. [3]

In 1341 (Iranian Calendar), the members of American Masonry decided to create a local lodge in Iran. After a while one of Baha'i mason who was of Masonry General ranking of the American lodge was Ali Naqi Khan Nabiluddoleh. [4]

During 37 years of Muhammad Reza Shah's kingdom Iran was the parading ground of Baha'i Masonry Assemblies and Agents. Most of the Prime Ministers during this period were either the masters and high-ranking Masons or Zionist agents. For instance, Amir Abbas Hoveyda who was one of the known Prime Ministers of Muhammad Reza Shah and was a descendant of Jewish Mirza Ya'qoub, a famous Baha'i person, he was one of the activists and high ranking members of the Iranian Masonry. He performed numerous services for the Zionist and Colonial powers. [5]

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