Baha'i Lies about Golestan-i-Javid (of Tehran) Exposed !

For years the world has been told that the Iranian government has destroyed Baha'i cemeteries and grave sites, listing the Tehran cemetery Golestan-i-Javid as among these sites. On Saturday, 7 November 2015, Mr Hasan Ershad (Nasere Naseredin) went there and took photographs and posted these on his facebook. The place looks untouched, perfectly intact and with all of its stones still standing.  See for yourself below.

Yet again more proof that no official Baha'i narrative can be taken on face value without scrutiny. This Baha'i cemetery has never been desecrated.

More Pictures can be seen here :


  1. Did these people honestly believe that a lie this big wouldn't one day come out? The brazen levels of deceit these cultists engage in is truly epic!


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