Subh-i-Azal : God for Bab and Satan for Baha'u'llah !!!

Mirza Hossein (Baha)
Mirza Yahya Subh-i Azal was Baha’u’llah’s half-brother and the executor of the Bab’s will. He was regarded as the successor to the Bab until Baha’u’llah succeeded in sending him to the sidelines and taking over the affairs of many of the followers of the Bab. He is greatly hated by Baha’is and regarded as one their greatest enemies. According to the famous Baha’i scholar Fadil Mazandarani in his book Asrar al-Athar (download from here, it is also written as Asraru'l-Athar) this is how Baha’u’llah referred to his brother Subh-i Azal:

Mirza Yahya (Subh-i-Azal)
“When Mirza Yahya Azal started opposing the works, deeds, and words of his esteemed brother (Baha’u’llah) in Edirne . . . he dropped down from his [high] stature and the rank of union and agreement [that he had with Baha’u’llah] and was gradually—in the tablets, works, and revelations [from Baha’u’llah]—referred to with codes, references, and names such as the polytheist, the calf, the scarab (dung beetle), the tyrant, the Satan, the devil, the foul swamp, the buzzing of a fly, and similar names.” (Fadil Mazandarani, Asrar al-athar, vol. 5, pp. 345–346.)

Baha’u’llah’s followers also used these titles to refer to Mirza yahya Subh-i Azal, for instance Professor Edward Browne cites a letter sent to him by a woman who was proselytized in America by Dr. Ibrahim Kheiralla where she states:

“Mírzá Yaḥyá is scarcely spoken of, but when he is mentioned he is called Satan.” (E.G. Browne, Materials for the Study of the Babi Religion, p. 117)

What most Baha’is don’t know or will not tell you is that according to the Bab, Mirza Yahya Subh-i Azal, was God. This is how the Bab’s will to Subh-i Azal starts:

Name of Azal, testify that there is no God but I, the dearest beloved. Then testify that there is no God but you, the victorious and permanent.” (source: )

First the Bab states very explicitly that he is God (not a messenger from God or a manifestation of God, but God himself), then he tells Subh-i Azal that he too is God and should testify to this. These statements being illogical and meaningless aside, according to the Bab Mirza Yahya Subh-i Azal is God and according to Baha’ullah he is the Satan and devil! Baha’u’llah also claims he is the one that the Bab had prophesized about. Go figure…

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