Shoghi Effendi : Baha'is should discontinue observing holidays as Christmas and New Years

A worker puts the finishing touches on a display of a Christmas tree, a crescent, and a menorah at the main traffic circle in front of the Bahai Gardens in Haifa for the Festival of Festivals, December 2014. (photo credit: Melanie Lidman/Times of Israel)

Although Shoghi Effendi Said :
“As regards the celebration of the Christian Holiday by the believers; it is surely preferable and even highly advisable that the friends should in their relation to each other discontinue observing such holidays as Christmas and New Years, and to have their festival gatherings of this nature instead during the Intercalary Days and Naw-Rúz….”


  1. So if your neighbor has a christmas tree, that you are celebrating christmas too?

  2. Looks like Baha'is aren't following their Guardian's instructions. As I see it, one problem with Baha'i is that there are too many instructions.

    The huge collection of Baha'i literature reminds me of our USA law books... that are so complex and numerous that one needs an attorney to help with a court case... and really, most attorneys don't know most of the laws - they just know how to do legal research.

    Baha'i books have proliferated, and we in the USA still don't have but a few of the 20,000+ counted writings of Baha'u'llah... most are still hidden from those of us who don't read Farsi or Arabic.

    The UHJ adds to this over-sized stockpile 'infallible' Baha'i literature year after year.

    With all the numerous instructions left by the central figures of Baha'i, it is not surprising that the world center forgot about this one.

    Good catch...

  3. Additionally, we have the following Orders:

    The Baha’is should give up the celebrating of Christian Holy Days such as Christmas. The same applies to Baha’is of Jewish extraction etc....

    (From a letter dated 29 November 2002, written on behalf of the Universal House of Justice to an individual believer)

  4. When Abdu'l-Baha was trying to trick people into becoming Baha'is he would claim that one can be a Christian and a Baha'i at the same time:
    "You can be a Baha'i-Christian, a Baha'i-Freemason, a Baha'i-Jew, a Baha'i-Muhammadan" ('Abdu'l-Baha in London, p.98)
    Yet his grandson tells Baha'is not to practice Christian rituals.

  5. Well said Jimmy,

    These are the most great HYPOCRITES.

  6. Too bad you did not read the entire article or the entire quote. Bahais preferably do not celebrate Christmas IN RELATION WITH EACH OTHER. This was a city-wide festival celebrating the religious diversity, not a specific Christmas event. Such selective quoting is a common technique used by those who only want to prove their preconceived ideas, not by those seeking out the full truth.

    1. So what....Is this what you call as "unity of Religions" and "unity of Manifestations"!? Did you read the comment posted by Jimmy Cardent?

  7. " Baha’is themselves should not be putting up Christmas trees, exchanging gifts, etc."

    (From a letter dated 29 November 2002, written on behalf of the Universal House of Justice to an individual believer)

  8. Baha'i is a cult. See what Shoghi Effendi has to say :

    "However, this (Celebrating Christmas) is not a thing for the Spiritual Assemblies to enforce NOW..." (Letter dated 15 August 1957 written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to an individual)

    Does this mean that in the future there will a law formulated by the UHJ? And those Baha'is celebrating Christmas will have to face sanctions!?
    There is too much control in Bahaism and this makes it a cult. Sorry Bahais.

    1. How is this logical? Roman Catholicism must be a cult . Orthodox Judaism must be a cult. Why would Baha'is in their personal lives face sanctions ? Probably not in their public lives either. Besides , you have surely taken the wrong label for what you mean if a cult is defined as " a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object " , that is , there is no longer living personal leadership in the Baha'i Faith .


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