In LAS VEGAS, out of 8 LSA Members - 5 are persians and 2 Egyptians

Members of the Las Vegas Local Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is, clockwise from lower left, Aleda Nelson, Mojdeh Sahihi, Shari Mashhood, Huri Hosny, Foad Moazez, Mojgan Moazez, Parvez Rohani and Amr Hosny meet at the Baha'i Center located at 7035 Oakey Blvd., in Las Vegas on June 10, 2014. (Jeferson Applegate/Las Vegas Review-Journal)

The Article on


has some inaccurate information regarding the Baha'i cult. The "most great hypocrites" try to play with innocent people by presenting good talks and feel-good slogans. Here is the truth for all such innocent people.

For a religion that thrives without clergy and prohibits proselytizing, acquiring new members can be tricky. Individuals have to respond to word of mouth — or the random billboard — and convince themselves that the religion is right for them.

The truth is :

Here in Sin City, that can be a tough sell. The Baha’i Faith prohibits alcohol, drugs, premarital sex and, yes, gambling. Daily prayers are mandatory.
The truth is :

...religion that is based on racial and gender equality, peace and harmony, equitable distribution of wealth and a consultive approach to decision-making.
The truth is :
No women in UHJ

Peace and Harmony ??

Equitable Distribution of Wealth ??
The food served in Baha'i NDF
Billionaire Baha'i Sahba Abedian

The living standard of Shahriar Razavi (UHJ Member)

The members of Tahira Justice Centre

While the phrase “new world order” is included in Baha’i writings, the faith has no political agenda.

The truth is :

Unlike other messengers of God, the direct writings of Baha’u’llah and his designated interpreter, his eldest son Abdul’l-Baha, are available to the Baha’i Faith.
The truth is :
This is only an example. There are many such cases. Interested readers can write a Comment and I will provide more evidences.

Local differences of interpretations may be appealed, with the Universal House of Justice in Haifa, Israel, holding the final decision.
The truth is :
There is no such concept. The Baha'i Covenant means "Complete, Unconditional and Unquestionable submission to the so called Infallible UHJ"

Today, the Baha’i Faith is among the fastest-growing religions on the planet with more than 7 million followers across every continent. About half of Baha’i followers are in Asia, with U.S. memberships estimated at fewer than 400,000.

The truth is : 

Two core principles would seem to make Baha’is easy targets for oppressive regimes. Baha’is believe it is their obligation to follow the rules of governments....
The truth is :
Baha'is are prosecuted in different countries for "Not following the Laws of the Land".

The unusual architectural design reflects the Baha’i principle....
The truth is :

Youth programs explore questions of ethics and justice....
The truth is :

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