Human rights in Israel and Iran. Baha'i Leaders in Iranian Prison living luxurious life !!!

Baha'is celebrating Christmas and Nawruz in Iranian Prison

Human Rights in Zionist Israel

An answer to a Haifan Baha'i by prominent Azali Bayani Scholar Dr. Wahid Azal.

I am in regular contact with 3 major human rights organizations: Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and the Iranian Human Rights Working Group. All names and particulars of anyone sitting in an IR prison as a "prisoner of conscience" are known to us by every group, organization and dissident that is serving time. If there are any baha'is in any IR prisons, I can assure you they are not there for any reasons pertaining to their baha'i affiliation or any matter of conscience. If they are there, they are there because they have broken civil and statutory laws under the Islamic Republic of Iran, contrary to what your uhj has continually lied to you about. On such matters, when clearly established to be such, human rights organizations have no mandate to advocate, nor would we advocate in such cases. Human rights is about advocacy for the civil and social rights of individuals having rights to freely practice their beliefs (as long as such practices are not directly detrimental to that of others) and be in a society as free agents, free from abuse and contraint by any state, ecclesiastical body or otherwise. We in the human rights community will not advocate for criminals when their crimes are legally and transparently proven to be statutory crimes. Therefore those individuals sitting presently in IR prisons are there because they have clearly broken laws and have been convicted by the Iranian courts, not because they are baha'is.

I believe all should be allowed to believe whatever they wish and practice whatever they wish. However, you baha'is have a long history of using freedom of conscience, association and practice to further your specific political and nefarious agendas, which in countless cases has entailed outright criminal activity and fraud. I cite examples of the Sherakat-i-Nawnahalan and Sherkakat-i-Umana, as examples, not to mention the murders of Dan Jordan and Hedi Ma'ani which I believe lay squarely at the feet of your leadership. I believe your leaders on the uhj, your economic elite who are funding your operations from the Gulf countries, those individuals associated with those activities, and the European founded secret society based in Damascus, Syria who has been propping you cultists up for the past 130 odd years, should be brought to trial and convicted for a long list of crimes and sentenced to either life imprisonment without bail or, where appropriate, death by firing squad! I also believe that just as with the prohibition on the activities of suicide and criminal cults such as Aum Shinrikiyo in Japan and Scientology in France and Germany, your organization per its long list of criminal activities should also be banned outright until such time it can unequivocally demonstrate that it is no longer associated with the criminal activities it has been associated with since the 1860s.

That is my answer to you and the rest of your co-cultists. Meaning, as far as I am concerned, there is no longer a place in the civilized world for the satanic cult of Husayn 'Ali Nuri.

Wahid Azal
Dated 2005

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