Sadeq Larijani : We don’t have conflicts with Baha’is merely because someone is a Baha’i

Sadeghi Larijani, Head of the Judicial System of Iran, stated that in Iran “under no circumstances” is there any execution of individuals under the age of 18. He also said that the Islamic Republic of Iran would not take action against anyone merely for being a Baha’i; he mentioned that the West is intent upon spreading sexual promiscuity in Iran.

According to various news media outlets, Mr. Larijani expressed these words on Wednesday the 9th of April at a meeting of the leaders of the Supreme Judicial System. He said that in Iran there are no religious, ethnic or gender restrictions, nor is there are any objection to the presence of Sunni Musims in the country. Larijani called the Baha’i faith a “religion fabricated by Westerners to create disruptions in Islamic Countries”, and said that even keeping this in mind, in the Islamic Republic “there are no objections to Baha’is merely because someone is a Baha’i”.

Regarding the actions taken against Baha’is, he said “these were taken against those who were spying for foreigners or who acted against national security.”

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