119 Bahá’í Picnics are over!

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The 119 conferences called by the Bahá’í Administration, the UHJ, for the Bahá’í Youth held in 119 cities carefully selected by the UHJ to measure its acceptability amongst the Bahá’ís, proved to be the nightmare for the UHJ as only 30% of participation were Bahá’ís and the rest were non Bahá’ís i.e. from the “wider community”. It is quite natural that any NGO announcing 3 day picnic at a picnic resort with free lodging boarding and luxury of mixing with fairer sex in the name of enhancing the collective capacity for service, for benefit to Mankind will be welcomed by any group of people. The “wider community” was no exception and did not failed to take benefit from the “sinking titanic”.

If this figure of 30% Bahá’í Youth attendance is true then the Bahá’í Administration is losing grip over the Bahá’ís which will result in gradual dismantling of Bahá’í Administration in the very near future. Bahá’í youths cannot be fooled for a long time and this 30% is the best proof of it. Bahá’í Faith is now a Paper Tiger which is being run by the paid executives, the Members of Universal House of Justice, the Counselors the ABMs etc. These officials have their Salaries, their Holidays and finally Retirement. There are no real Bahá’ís left in the Faith.

There was a severe Bahá’í discontent during the conferences as lots of efforts were directed to please the youths of wider community at the expense of Bahá’í money as UHJ sees these youths as potential Bahá’ís for the future as their deception process is ON. Now the UHJ is asking the Bahá’ís to pay for the non Bahá’ís attending the conference.

Another major reason for discontent amongst Bahá’ís was total neglect by the UHJ of the Bahá’í Agenda carefully drafted by the Bahá’í Youths to be discussed in these conferences. These agendas were the real things going in the minds of every Bahá’í and the UHJ failed to satisfy the needs of the Bahá’í Youths. The conference had only one agenda and that was to please the youths of the wider community for enrolling themselves as Bahá’ís.

Another cause of dissatisfaction amongst Bahá’í Youths were the propaganda organized by the UHJ against Iran. The representative of the External affair committees of the Bahá’ís spoke on the ways and means for how to degrade and defame Iran by contacting their respective governments and giving them false information about Iranian government mistreating the Bahá’ís.

Also a careful analysis will find juxtaposition between the rise of rebellious in Bahá’í Faith and different sects emerging amongst the Bahá’ís all claiming to be True Bahá’ís. The Bahá’í administration is avoiding these issues as they feel that they are not in a position to reply to these issues. As lot of covenant breaking has been done by the Bahá’í Administration itself.

The Bahá’í Administration should know that future analysis is a key tool for the improvement of the present situation and extending their lives for a few more decades. Their next picnics should incorporate:
  1. An awareness of demands by the Bahá’í youth of answering the unanswered question occupying the Bahá’í community related to the Central figures of the Faith that who was the Real Successor of The BAB.
  2. The reliability of UHJ based on Holy text whether this is the same UHJ forecasted by Bahá’í central figures Baha’u’llah and Abdul Baha?
  3. The safety of Bahá’í community not from Covenant Breakers but from abusive language used by the so called infallible members of UHJ.
  4. Other sensitive issues like, the Collusion amongst the Persian Bahá’ís to keep the Bahá’í Administration in their own hands and let the Bahá’ís of other communities work as slave for them nothing sort of renaissance of Past Iranian Monarchy overthrown by Iranians.
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