A tribute to Mr. Hushmand Fatheazam. By Former NSA Member of India.

Mr. Fatheazam was born in Tehran, Iran to a Bahá’í Family. He served as curator at the Library of the Faculty of Arts at Tehran University from 1950 to 1952.

In 1950 Shoghi Effendi gave the call to the Persian Bahá’ís to leave Iran and pioneer to other places. His main aim was not to propagate the Faith but to control the Faith in every country through some Iranians. The effect of which we can see in the present Bahá’í administration that every country has 2 or 3 Iranian members on the NSA.

Fatheazam came to India as an pioneer in 1953, here he got a Masters degree in Arts from the Wiswa Bharati University in Shantiniketan, India in 1954.

Mr. Fatheazam worked as managing director of the Bahá’í Publishing Trust, New Delhi from 1955 to 1963. Mr. Fatheazam served as secretary of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of India from 1955 to 1963. After this he was elected to the UHJ in 1963 and thus he was successful in his plan of becoming a UHJ member.

Looking at the rise of Mr. Fatheazam in the Bahá’í Administration many Iranian Bahá’ís migrated to India in the name pioneering but actually to be elected to the Bahá’í Administration, like Mr. Mohajer, Mr. B. Afshin, Mr. L. Azadi, Mr. Fariborz Sahba.

Mr. Sabha was so much adamant to get the high post that during the temple inauguration at Delhi in 1986 he went on talking to the delegates that he belongs to the Family of Gulpaygani which was a sheer lie. He wanted to give the impression that he belonged to a family who has his own contribution to the faith.

Mr. Fatheazam ostentatively went on praising India and kept saying that “India is in my heart”. Before every election of UHJ he use to visit India - less for the sake of love for it - but more for the nine votes of members of NSA of India

He had a scant respect for sanctity of Bahá’í elections and used to interfere in elections of NSA of India by appointing Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of his choice. He attended the meetings of NSA and many times pointed to some of the Indian members to resign from the NSA. His purpose was to see more Iranians on the NSA and to have a full control of it. This job is now being handled by Mr. Payman Mohajer.

He was in constant touch with the pioneer Iranian group in India. He saw to it that they rise high in the administration and was constantly on the hot line with the Persian Bahá’ís asking them what to do. His directives were very often against the messages of UHJ.
Mrs. & Mr. Fatheazam at the home of an Iranian Pioneer with some poor innocent Indians.
When UHJ and Indian NSA wanted to close down the Panchgani Academy due to its functioning against the interest of Indian Bahá’ís, Mr. Fatheazam supported the Persians and ordered them not to follow the directives of NSA and UHJ.

He instigated a massive showdown with Mr. Hasan Sabri the Head of Socio Economic Project of the World Centre and the Persian Bahá’ís representing the Bahá’í Academy of India due to which Mr. Sabri was humiliated many a times.

He asked Mr. Vahedi to start Miraat Publications against the wishes of NSA of India ignoring the mandate given by NSA to Bahá’í Publishing Trust.

Mr. Fatheazam along with Hand of Cause Dr. Rahmatu'llah Mohajer stilled in the Bahá’ís that they should make fake census of Indian Bahá’ís and inflate the number of LSAs due to which the number of LSA went to more than 10,000 a big lie. This job is now being done by Mr. Omid Seioshanseian.

He went against the Mass Teaching initiated by Mr. H.B. Singh of Malkousie and said “We do not want such type of Bahá’ís”. We want Bahá’ís with potentialities - so he created a ‘Class System’ in the Bahá’ís. He was more inclined towards the Muslim Background Bahá’ís and started many programmes to deepen them through Mr. Afshin. He believed that Muslim background Bahá’ís are real Bahá’ís. For Hindus, Bahá’í Faith is much of bread and butter.

Due to his instigation the Persian Bahá’ís formed a group against the NSA and the Indian Bahá’ís. This group used to make fun of the respected Indian Bahá’ís like Mr. R.N. Shah and Mr. Kishen Khemani.

In one of the public meetings he openly confided that “He has not done a single Ruhi Book” and said “I do not know who has said that Doing Ruhi book is obligatory on every Bahá’í!”. He instigated the Bahá’ís to revolt against the Ruhi Curriculum fully being aware that it is the decision of UHJ. This job is now being handled by Mr. Ali Nakhjawani.

At the end of his life, being left by Bahá’í Administration Mr. Fatheazam was in contact with the Bahá’ís all over the world and sending writings of Covenant Breaker Mr. Bahremand and asking them which Bahá’í group is this? It was absolutely not expected by an Ex-UHJ member and a Persian Bahá’í. What he meant was please study the writing of Nosrat Bahremand.

Inspite of all this, Mr. Fatheazam respected the Indian culture of treating women with respect, unlike the late UHJ member Mr. Peter Khan and ITC Counselor Mr. Aziz Azadi who made a point to kiss every young girl in full view of the public. Sometimes giving the indication that they have been deputed by the UHJ to spoil the Indian culture.


Source : http://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/talk.religion.bahai

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