Some of the legacies of Shoghi Effendi!

1) The total politicization of Baha'ism into an administrative and bureaucratic focused Stalinist Cult;

2) The total corporatization of Baha'ism into a money making religious multinational corporate venture;

3) The complete incorporation of Baha'i Inc. as an arm and extension of political Zionism;

4) Complicity in the illegal expropriation of the homes and lands of absentee Palestinian landlords in Haifa-Acre;

5) Wealing and dealing with greedy Anglo-American brokers and venture capitalists, such as NY tycoon Bora Kavelin (who ended up becoming a charter UHJ member), and who ended up completely hijacking the organization of Baha'i Inc. and initiating the process of marginalizing the majority Iranian constituency from power and influence;

6) The excommunication of a large constituency of individuals, which included most of his extended and near family members as well as his own parents;

7) The total transformation of Baha'i Inc. into an instrument of international cultist terror.

Also read this :!topic/talk.religion.bahai/oKP87_LwT4Y

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