2013 : "Universal House of Justice" elected (?)

UHJ 2013 - Click to enlarge the Hypocrites.
 30 April 2013

HAIFA, Israel — The results of the election of the nine members of the Universal House of Justice have been announced. (The details of the votes received by each member has not been disclosed for unknown reasons)

More than 1,500 ballots were cast yesterday for membership of the council that serves as the head of the Baha'i Faith. Those elected for the next five-year term are Paul Lample, Firaydoun Javaheri, Payman Mohajer, Gustavo Correa, Shahriar Razavi, Stephen Birkland, Stephen Hall, Chuungu Malitonga, and Ayman Rouhani.

The delegates that voted in the election are themselves members of national Baha'i governing bodies from around the world. They were chosen in earlier elections in their own countries.

Source : http://news.bahai.org/story/951

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  1. The old Soviet era elections for the politburo or the current ones in North Korea have more flair to them than these uhj elections. In any case, the Israeli establishment has rubber-stamped their same cast of candidates from 5 years ago. What a joke!


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