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Baha'i Social Activities

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In a majority Baha'i society, how would heretics and dissidents be treated? If for example, someone believed in Baha’ullah but not necessarily the UHJ, how would that person function in a Baha'i society? Would they be allowed in restaurants or hospitals? Would they have a different drinking fountain or worse. Would they be taken to court for calling themselves Baha'is?

Answer by : Wahid Azal (Renowned Azali)
In a, God forbid, baha'i state all dissidents and heretics would be rounded up and either permanently institutionalized (gulag prisons or psychiatric concentration camps), starved to death or disappeared.

Another Answer by : Ron House (Ex-Baha'i)
They would be shunned, their friends and family forcibly broken up, and they would be jailed, the jailers prohibited from talking to them.

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