Film : The life of Iranian Baha'is - خون و خضراء

This is a short film written by a Baha'i of Iran. Effort has been made to depict the life of average Iranian Baha'i. Many western baha'is are claiming it to be made by Islamic Iran although it is a fact that the writer of this film is a famous Iranian baha'i. We await an official clarification in this regard by the supreme infallible body of the Haifan Baha'is.

This film is being discussed at the uploaders channel on youtube. You can take part there. What I noticed on this debate is some Haifan Baha'is coming and claiming that it has not been made by them. The Baha'is are 'GOOD PEOPLE' they don't talk like this and all this type of stuff. One commentator writes :

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At other Place the same commentator writes :

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So it becomes clear that the Baha'is are 'GOOD PEOPLE' !!!!

There goodness can be further seen in more detail on this photo blog.

Recently many baha'is have been leaving this Hypocritical Cult. Worldwide the number of Baha'is is decreasing, it is strange that the Numbers of Baha'is is on rise in Israel but the baha'is are not taking the declarations in that Land. Instead the interested Israelis are asked to declare in some other country. As there is an agreement of the Haifa Based Baha'is with the Zionist government. Here is the interview of 3 Baha'is who recanted their cult due to the following reasons that they say :

Shunning, Social Boycott by Baha'is (TARD), Ruhi Classes, The hypocritical behavior of Baha'is, The interference of the Baha'i institutions in the personal lives of members, the Israel and the Baha'i faith, The role of women in the UHJ, Their struggle after the Baha'is shunned them, Human Rights, The freedom of thought in Islam and Baha'ism, The answerability to the Baha'i Institutions, The difference between Islamic writings and Baha'i writings, the "Manifestation" belief of Bahaism and the "Monotheism" of Islam, their life after recanting this cult, etc.

This discussion (interview) can be seen here :


  1. Alláh-u-Abhá. I really find it hard to see how the 'actual' teachings of the Bahai Faith can be interpreted as you are doing so, basically all of the teachings are to do with loving humanity no matter what, unity, not to judge people, equality amongst the people of the world, the oneness of all the worlds religions from one God, just to name a few. From what I can see, all you are doing is taking negative acts (which if you did research with an open heart, you would see the acts are not in line with the Bahai teachings) from people who claim to be Bahai's, and using it as a generalisation for the whole Bahai community. Even if I don't agree with what you are doing, I have no right to disapprove it or hate you for it, so all I can say is, I wish you the best in your life and hope that, if what your trying to prove is true, that you succeed.

    1. Mr. Anonymous,
      I dont agree with what u say. Why dont u prove that the stuff on this site is false instead of praising Baha'i faith????
      And how can a faith which is the most modern, advanced and logical contains so many 'negative acts'???

    2. Please explain, what do you man by wrong interpretation? The founding leaders of Baha'i cult could not unite their own families, how can they unite the world? From Husain Ali Nari to Abdol Baha to Shoghi Effendi none could unite his family. They were all hypocrites 'Grade 1'


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