Baha'is caught 'cheating' again

Newly converted Hindu signs 'Declaration Card' in front of a Hindu Temple in India.
They forcefully converted Hindus by inducement and deception. Many poor illiterate tribal people in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra were deceptively converted into Baha’i Faith, although anti conversion law is passed in 11 of the states in India. This will have a disastrous effect on India's political, cultural and social fabric.

The Police officials many times have reprimanded Bahais of their hypocritical behavior and warned them not to teach Bahai Religion to the students/staff of NETTC as well as locals of Wai and Panchgani

The Cunning Bahais have now changed their strategy and in the name of teaching English language to the students, have been giving them Bahai Teachings which is a crime on this tiny tots.

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