Greatest hypocrites in History : Baha'u'llah and Abdul Baha

Mirza Husayn Ali (alias Baha'u'llah) God incarnate?

Mirza Husayn Ali (alias Baha'u'llah) was so out to lunch he actually believed, as did some of his followers, that he was god incarnate:

It was perhaps owing to this inadequacy that, at one stage during the ministry of Bahá'u'lláh, there were two major schools of thought among the believers concerning His station. Some believed Him to be the Supreme Manifestation of God, while others went further than this. When Bahá'u'lláh was asked about His station, He confirmed that as long as individuals were sincere in their beliefs, both views were right, but if they argued among themselves or tried to convert each other, both were wrong. This indicates that man because of his finite mind will never be able to understand the true station of the Manifestation of God. The criteria are sincerity and faith...

(Adib Taherzadeh, The Revelation of Baha'u'llah v 1, p. 303)

Abdul Baha : Whatever Khayrullah taught is Correct!

Notwithstanding that Khayru'llah had repeatedly begged His Holiness Abbas Effendi before he went to visit him to send him a volume of the Holy Verses which had been revealed by the Supreme Pen so that he might compare them with his teachings, in order to guard against the incidence of error, and His Holiness Abbas Effendi had promised him this, yet he sent him nothing of what he had demanded. So Khayru'llah determined when he went to Akka to attain this supreme aim, to wit the acquisition of knowledge at first hand; and, whenever he foregathered with Abbas Effendi he used *to explain to him the teachings which he gave to the Americans, even translating lengthy sections thereof, and asking His Holiness to correct what was erroneous. But His Holiness confirmed them and praised them publicly before all the believers, both Easterns and Americans. He repeatedly declared explicitly to the American pilgrims that all which Khayru'llah had taught was correct; but whenever he had explained to the Americans any matter, and afterwards understood that his explanation was not in accordance with that given by Khayru'llah, be used to avoid disagreement saying that everything had two meanings one spiritual and the other material, and that the explanations given to them-by himself and by Khayru'llah were both correct.

Today’s House of Justice follows the same policy. They want to convey to the Bahai’s - Forget whatever Baha'u'llah, Abdul Baha and Shoghi have said. For becoming a true Baha’i just follow the Messages of House and the Message of House is very clear, Go and get as many converts as possible for UHJ and pay Huququllah regularly along with number of different funds. You may be assured of the prayers of the House of Justice in the Holy Shrines that the Blessed Beauty may richly confirm your devoted efforts in His path.
With loving Bahá’í greetings.

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