At the age of 74 Baha'u'llah was a father of fourteen children from his three wives.

Baha’u’llah married three (Baha'i Version).

1]. At age 18 in October of 1835, Baha’u’llah married His first wife who was named Asiyyih Khanum; She is reported to have been very beautiful caring and very kind; she was the daughter of Mirza Isma'il Vazir [minister] a wealthy person of the region of Yarlud . 2 years earlier before the marriage of Baha’u’llah, Asiyyih Khanum's brother, Mirza Mahmud, had married Baha’u’llah's older sister named Sarah Khanum. Of course this marriage was in Iran.

2]. When Mirza Buzurg [Baha’u’llah’s father] fell from favor with the Shah, and lost his homes, Baha’u’llah in 1839, after the death of His father, moved to Tehran were He rented a home in the Uldajan Qurter of Tehran and also took in His own mother and most of His father's wives and their children to live with Him. From this marriage, Baha’u’llah had 7 children and only three survived. These three were born in that house in Tehran;

A) In 1844 Abbas was born; He became known by the title He chose, Abdu'l-Baha.
B) In 1846 Fatimih Sultan Khanum was born, who in later years became known as Bayhiyyih Khanum and was given the title of The Greatest Holy Leaf, by Baha’u’llah.
C) in 1850 the youngest son was born and his name was Mirza Mihdi. When Baha’u’llah was exiled to Baghdad they left Mirza Mehdi with family in Tehran because he was too young to withstand that hard trip over the Al Borz Mountains. Mirza Mahdi joined his father later on when he was older, and so he accompanied Baha’u’llah on His exiles to Istanbul, Ediren and Akka were he died at a young age; Mirza Mehdi fell down on a wooden crate from a skylight on the roof of The Most Great Prison and died in there. According to Aqa Husyan Ashch’s unpublished memoirs, and in tablets of Baha’u’llah and Abdul Baha, Mehdi’s dying wish from Baha’u’llah was that the doors of reunion be opened for the friends to be able to attain the presence of Baha’u’llah. Restrictions eased soon after his death…When they buried Mirza Mehdi, an earthquake happened in Akka. Both Asiyyih Khanum and Mirza Mehdi were buried in a cemetery outside the gate of Akka named Nabi Salih…later in 1939 Shoghi Effendi exhumed the two remains and entered them on Mount Carmel close to the Greatest Holy Leaf.. that area is under the House of Justice and is called the Maraaqid. Asiyyih Khanum died in 1886.

3]. As customary of His high social position and what may have also been some family pressure, Baha’u’llah Married His cousin Fatimih in about 1848. This Fatemeh was really a widow when she married Baha’u’llah.. before Baha’u’llah she married off at a very young age to a very much older man, a relative of hers and Baha’u’llah by the name; Shaykh Muhammad `Allamih Nuri, a high ranking Muslim cleric. He dies soon after this marriage and thus Fatimih was a young widow. Fatimih became known as Mahd al Awliyaa.. which in Farsi is pronounced as Mahduliya. This marriage happened in Iran and NOT in Baghdad about the year 1848. From this marriage there were 6 children; only three males and one female survived to adulthood.
Muhammad Ali, Diya’u’llah and Badiy’u’llah… Diya’u’llah died without children, Badi’u’llah had two daughters and Muhammad Ali, al Ghusn al Akbar, at the time of Abdul Baha, had Musa, Shua’u’llah.

4]. In About 1862, Baha’u’llah takes his third; it was upon the insistence of her father who was a staunch believer. Her name was Gawhar Khanum of Kashan. Gawhar Khanum, does not go with Baha’u’llah to exile, she remains in Baghdad and joins Him in Akka in the 1885. From this marriage result in only one girl; Furigiyyih she marries the nephew of the wife of the Bab; his name was Siyyid Ali, who had 4 sons as explained by our brother Abdu’l-Husyan.
In conclusion, Baha’u’llah takes three wives; has 14 children, all marriages were before His public declaration at the Najibiyyih Garden on the River Tigres, in April of 1863.

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The Iranian Version (In Persian) - Baha'u'llah Married Four

چهار زن حسینعلی نوری در تضاد با منع تعدد زوجات در بهائیت
بر اساس استفتائات بهائیان از شوقی افندی و عبدالبهاء ( سران بهائیت ) درباره تعداد همسران ، بهائیان مکلف به قبول تک همسری شده اند در حالی که بر اساس نص صریح کتاب اقدس ( نویسنده پیامبر بهائیان داشتن دو زن در آن واحد جایز است . و از سویی با نگاهی بر تاریخ بهائیان به نام چهار زن در لیست زنان بهاء الله می رسیم

میرزا حسینعلی نوری چهار زن به ترتیب زیر داشت  :

1 ـ بانو نوابه که اولین زن میرزا است و پس از آنکه میرزا با یک جهش از مقام بندگی به رتبه ربوبیت و الوهیت ارتقاء یافت بانو نوا به از طرف وی به لقب (( ام الکائنات )) مفتخر گشت . میرزا از این زن دارای سه فرزند گردید دو پسر به نام عباس ( ملقب به غصن اعظم ) . مهدی ( ملقب به غصن اطهر و یک دختر به نام که بعدها به بهائیه خانم و ورقه علیا ملقب گشت .

2 ـ مادر میرزا محمد علی (( غصن اطهر )) و میرزا ضیاء الله و میرزا بدیع الله که اسم دقیقی از ایاین زن بهاء الله در کتب بهائی منتشر نشده است .

3 ـ گوهر خانم کاشی مادر فروغیه خانم .

4 ـ جمالیه خانم که از دوازده  یا سیزده سالگی در خانه میرزا بعنوان خدمتکار می زیسته و چون به سن 16 سالگی رسید میرزا حسین علی نوری که درآن زمان هفتاد سال داشته است دریای مهرش در حق وی به جوش و خروش می آید و نسیم لطفش وزیده او را به همسری خود برگزیده است .

منبع : کتاب جمال ابهی


  1. Apparently Baha'u'llah really liked sex.

    That's a sign of the lower type of man.

    I thought that he had a concubine, too, who also bore him a child. That was well prior to the 3rd formal wife in old age. A concubine, I understand, is a woman who functions like a wife. A fellow would have sex with with her, and children, and treat her as a wifde. But she didn't have the rights or status of a "real" wife.

    In fact, Baha'u'llah's short marriage verse, in which he says "There is no harm in taking a virgin into service" -- refers to concubines. He would have created a law or said something about this question, obviously, since he himself had a concubine.

    Official Bahaidom tried to convert the verse to the subject of domestic maids. But did families like Baha'u'llah hire domestic maids? I sort of doubt it.

    The truth is: The Baha'i Book of Laws allows Baha'i men to have concubines -- women they have sex with, but don't formally wed. But the Baha'i literature pretends it's a law about hired maids, something that was not even common to Baha'u'llah's culture as far as I am aware.

    1. Dear J. Curtis,

      This verse : "There is no harm in taking a virgin into service"

      is an important verse. The followers of 'Glory Man' who are sitting in Haifa and ruling the so called International Baha'i Company are actually taking the "Virgins into Service".

      These Virgins are serving with "Body and Soul" at the World Centre. Baha'i cult uses women as a means of entertainment and exploiting them under the banner of "Equality between Sexes". These women are used in all the forms, all sort of works are undertaken from them and what they are offered against these services, maximum a membership in the ITC. Or if they are very beautiful then they are offered to serve as the "Secretaries" of some cery Greedy Persian UHJ members. These members then take "services" from these beauties and then throw them out once their charm is finished. These "Serving Women" then remain "unmarried" their whole life (due to mental and physical sufferings) and spend their life alone will depression and various kinds of psychic problems. I personally know at least 15 such women who served the UHJ members are and now spending their lives alone in depression.

      Baha'i culture is nothing but exploitation of Women under various beautiful Banners. Try to understand this verse now : "There is no harm in taking a virgin into service". In fact only virgins are taken into service.

  2. Who doesn't like SEX? Don't you like you racist idiot. If you don't like then get yourself examined.

  3. What you mentioned above is completely false, as a family friend of mine is serving as the secretary to the Universal House of Justice at the Baha'i World Centre and has been serving there for a very long time. She is a respectable married woman in middle age with 2 children. You speak from your imagination and ignorance and not from knowledge and truth. Many of my single female friends have worked and served in Haifa as well. All enjoyed their time there.Non of which have been in a possition you have spitfully described. If so I'm sure they would have already reported this to the police. It is one thing talking about what is true, what you say is pure imagination and spite.

    1. "Imagination & Ignorance" !!!!!
      My dear, the case you mentioned with 2 children may be true. I am not saying that every women is sexually exploited in the Holy Land during holy services! But there are many cases. Just Imagine young Boys and Girls coming there and staying there alone for months and years without having "Fun". It is NOT only the love for UHJ Members that brings them here. It is the services. They get to mix with each other and get a change to have fun over there. There are many cases of sexual exploitation in various Baha'i communities. Right from the ABMs to UHJ all are involved in this. Actually the Baha'i community is very small and the SUNDAMENTALISM in this community make many social women not let speak the truth. Time is slowly coming and such types of cases are becoming public day by day. Please check this blog, may be this is eyeopener for you :

  4. When I joined the Bahai organization, it was because I believed it practiced equality of women and men, and all the other principals it supposedly represented. If I had known when I joined what I know now I never would have joined or raised my children as baha'is. The organization is fraudulent because what it represents itself to be (peaceful, loving, etc) is the polar opposite of what I experienced over the years.

    As far as bigamy and multiple wives for Bahai men being permitted in this organization: had I known about this fact I would have run from the first fireside I attended in the early 70's as fast as I could go. I was one of the women during that period of time in America who was working for the advancement of women, not their enslavement. Even if the organization allowed bigamy and multiple husbands for women also, I consider that also the opposite of equality or justice for either sex. It seems really sick to imagine. I'm really angry at being fooled into joining the organization on false pretenses when I was so young and idealistic.

  5. Wasting your time.
    Why not to bahai: Islam


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