The Concluding Post of the Bahai Catholic Debate

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Default Re: "The Baha'i Faith"

Originally Posted by arthra View Post
The Faith has been around a hundred and sixty years and arose amidst many enemies in the Middle East so is there any wonder there would be those who oppose it?

Within the Faith itself there is more unanimity than in most religions that are split into denominations..

Yes many have attempted to divide the Faith but the attempts failed. Every major change that has occurred a few have opposed it but they failed to cause significant schisms . . . .

- Art
You can argue that the attempts failed, Art, but they did their damage before they went down in flames. Shoghi Effendi left no stated successor and the first Hands of the Cause had to CB one of their own (Remey) who used to be so true to the faith.

I mean, really... think about it. Baha'u'llah is supposed to be the Manifestation of God. You'd think that at least he could keep his family in line. His brother fought him, his son's brother fought him, his grandson's own parents fought him (granted, his aunt stayed the course), and by the end of just two generations, every single member of Baha'u'llah's family were declared CBs.

Common sense is whispering to me that if Shoghi Effendi's relatives fought him, and Abdul Baha's brother fought him, and Baha'u'llah's brother fought him, it would stand to reason that Baha'u'llah fought the other Babis to come out ahead on the declaration of the Coming One.

Strife and discord are leagues deep in that family.

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