Baha'i Trend exposed by Google Trends !

Courtesy : Google Trends

Some interesting facts, thanks to Google Trends :

•  Iran is the most interested country with Search Interest 100. The most interested city in Iran is Qom! Imagine why ;-) ?
•  Israel - 4th
•  Australia - 11th
•  Canada - 13th
•  Pakistan - 15th
•  Saudi Arabia - 16th
•  United States - 19th
•  India does not stand in the first 25 interested countries ! But according to Baha'is this is the country with largest Baha'i population. Latest Indian Census Data (2011) released in 2016 puts the Baha'i figure at 4572. What a Shame !


  1. ROFL!!! Poor brainwashed cultists. They believe the false statistics of the UHJ and ignore the true facts openly available for all to see.


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