Cult survivor recovery for former Baha'is

University students of Ado-Ekiti (Nigeria) demonstrate against cultism.

I was raised in the Baha'i Faith. I left in my early 30's. Recently I've been diagnosed with certain psychological effects of having been a member of a cult -- mainly severe shame, anxiety, anger and anxiety. I'm looking for a psychotherapist who has experience with Baha'is, preferably located in the Denver/Boulder area of Colorado.

Baha'i resembles a cult in many ways. I've studied cults and their mind control techniques.
  1. Information control - Baha'i is big on this. For example, making Baha'is afraid to listen to covenant breakers or read what they wrote. Baha'is are not trusted to make up their own minds and independent thinking is not allowed... plus there's the right of review for published materials.
  2. Emotional control - Causing Baha'is to be afraid of breaking Baha'i law or any kind of disobedience.. and ostracizing them if they are imperfect, sanctioning them and excluding them.
  3. Thought control - Use of Baha'i prayerbook prayers instead of encouraging people to communicate directly with God. I believe God loves us and wants to have a conversation with us - not just listen to us read from books.
I believe there are many elements of mind control in the Baha'i Faith. Even now, more than ten years after I left the religion, I still struggle to overcome the programming.

Baha'u'llah also threatened those who leave the religion - a common cult practice. At the end of the Kitab-i-Iqan you'll find this:

"We conclude Our argument with His words—exalted is He—'And whoso shall withdraw from the remembrance of the Merciful, We will chain a Satan unto him, and he shall be his fast companion.' 'And whoso turneth away from My remembrance, truly his shall be a life of misery.'

Of course Baha'is do not know they're in a cult. They think they are superheroes in charge of saving the world!

Baha'i faith has much in common with cults.

Those willing to help may please visit the below link and help the "Cult  Survivor".

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  1. I left the Baha'i faith for the same reasons. Lots and lots of born Baha'is leave for those reasons. I ex-communicated THEM lol. Make sure you email them to have your name removed from their stats otherwise they will keep using you to trick more converts.

    Baha'i faith seeks to retard the social development of it's members, while claiming the opposite. Most Baha'is are fanatical, judgmental, have zero friends outside the religion, and deny all of the above.
    Even though I was born in this organization, I did not know how closely related to islam it was. This religion is openly hypocritical. Women are forbidden from top leadership position while they parade under the equality banner and try to heal gay people lol


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