Shoghi Effendi’s Virtues - Jalal Azal

Subhi’s Payam-i Padar, PP. 143-146: The subject alleged to be a frequenter of men of magnificent physique and virility, a pervert who craved to be consorted with, a hermaphrodite requiring surgical operation to determine his sex, and a gloater over inflicting pains on kith and kin. Subhi alleges to have been an eyewitness on several occasions to performance of such indecent acts and on one occasion particular occasion he states to have been challenged by the subject to put his virility to the test and to pass muster.

“Shoghi Effendi was possessed of peculiar nature and habit which cannot be properly described; his manly disposition was inconsiderable; he was continually desirous of cultivating friendship, and associations, with robust men and youth!.”

“Shoghi Effendi, Dr Ziya Baghdadi and Subhi get up a party at night at Acre at which jokes were cracked. Subhi absented himself from the room on business. On return he found the couple in compromising circumstances “with Dr Ziya Baghdadi having committed an indecent act” …

Taken aback” Subhi said : “Doctor! What is this business you have been doing?” Shoghi Effendi turned the face toward me” and said: “If you are also a man, prove yourself a male!!”

“I have heard such remarks from, and have witnessed such scenes of, Shoghi Effendi on several occasions.”
Shoghi Effendi may be categorized “in the category of “hermaphrodites”, in whom opposite qualities are embodied, …. “requiring surgical operation” for adjustment.

Shoghi Effendi has “no feeling, attachment or devotion” for father, brother, sister, mother or friend. He “issues orders which no sane man would give.”

Awara’s Kashf-al-Hiyal, Vol. II, 2nd impression, PP. 84-85 and P. 166; Vol., III 3rd impression, PP. 212-213: Similar allegations; the subject a playboy:

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