Mehrangiz Kar gives a tight slap to Baha'is in Virginia.

Some snaps from Facebook Debate between Fundamentalist Baha'is and Ex-Baha'is.
Mike Moum asks Baha'is to Shun Sen McGlinn.

Mehrangiz Kar with Kavian Sadeghzade Milani
Professor Mehrangiz Kar posted an article in Persian on the Rooz Online site, which referenced remarks she made as a guest speaker at a symposium in Virginia, focusing on the historical and social context of Taahereh’s unveiling at Badasht. Dr. Kar’s question, which she repeated in the article on Rooz online, (in Persian) was:

“Suppose that Taahereh were to miraculously return to life, and came to the same meeting [in Badasht], and put her name forward for membership of the House of Justice, the highest decision-making body for Bahais. Given the ruling of the new religion, that women are excluded from the principle centre of authority in the Bahai Faith simply by virtue of their sex, could Taahereh, with all her courage, passion, wisdom and knowledge, enter the House of Justice?”

The responses from some Bahais, at the symposium and following her article on Rooz Online, have been such that the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States has published a letter, in Persian and in English, which reproves “the harsh criticism made against Professor Kar by some Baha’is.”


  1. They are practically ripping each other apart. Can you please post the links to those Facebook pages.

    1. Hi Jimmy, you can go to Sen's facebook page.

    2. This issue with Mehrangiz Kar is great insofar at it sheds light on the internal contradictions within this cult and such internal contradictions will never be able to be resolved with the public at large. But that aside, let us not forget who Mehrangiz Kar herself ultimately answers to: the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), i.e. the Empire's supreme "color revolution" think-tank and NGO which as organization was set-up by the CIA in the late '70s/early '80s. Behind the facade of the actual conflict between Kar and the Bahais, what this all reveals is that there is no consensus any longer within the Empire's anti-Iran industry about these cultists. This fact alone should be exploited.

      As for Sen McGlinn, his facebook and his blog: this individual is an out and out anti-Iranian propagandist. He never posts about anything else other than the contrived -- and arguably exaggerated -- HR issues surrounding this cult in Iran.He said nothing last year about the Zionist assault on Gaza. He has remained completely silent on the genocide undertaken by the Saudi-American-Gulf sponsored takfeeris against Shi'is, Alawites, Yezidis, Kurds and Christians in Syria and Iraq. He has never once criticized the imperial adventures of Empire in Libya, Ukraine, Syria and elsewhere. McGlinn is a one-issue horse and broken-record, and this raises questions about this man's political and intellectual integrity.

    3. Sen McGlinn's issue is very complicated. On the one hand they kicked him out of their community and the other they use (abuse) him as a Baha'i apologist to defend the cult from criticism. I can't believe how he still believes he is a member of the cult when the same institution that they believe is infallible has officially stated that he is not a Baha'i.
      As you have observed he is extremely anti-Iranian and runs a number of websites dedicated to spewing propaganda against the state under the cover of human rights.

    4. Thank you Wahid for shedding more light on the issue. These people are hypocrites.


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