What goes around comes around: use of the Greatest Name effectively banned in Malaysia

Baha'i Trademarks !!!??
In November, 2006, the heterodox Baha'is, those presently headquartered in Wilmette , Illinois, brought a legal action seeking to prevent the Orthodox Baha'is from using the Greatest Name, among other things. The Greatest Name is "Allah-u-Abha" (God is All-Glorious) and its variants, and is considered one of the most sacred names and symbols of the Baha'i Faith. After years of battle in the United States District Court and an appeal before the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, the Orthodox Baha'is finally prevailed in 2011.

Nearly 10 years since the Wilmette NSA took its legal action, there is another similar legal problem arising in Malaysia and this time it is the Malayasian government outlawing the use of "Allah" by anyone who is not a Muslim.

This effectively outlaws the use of the Greatest Name by Baha'is in Malaysia.

It is unfortunate that, in their zeal and fanaticism to try to prevent the Orthodox Baha'is from using the Greatest Name, they did not see that this very same zeal and fanaticism would soon be turned against them in the same way. Perhaps now the Baha'is will see the folly of their attempts to coerce religious faith against others. We can only pray that the fog of ignorance and prejudice might lift from their eyes.





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