Turkish PM Erdoğan: Turkey rejects false prophets

January 26, 2014

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has described Islamic Scholar Fethullah Gülen as a “false prophet” without naming him, which comes as the latest move in the dispute between the government and the Gülen’s Movement.

“Interregnum era will pass and treasons will disappear. This civilization has rejected the false prophets, false scholars just as a body rejecting a virus,” said Erdoğan at an event titled as “Islamic Culture Service in 100 years,” at Haliç Congress Center in Istanbul on Jan. 25 organized by the Religious Affairs Directorate.

The AKP has repeatedly accused Gülen’s movement of orchestrating the probes in an attempt to topple its government. Erdoğan has denounced the existence of a “parallel state,” referring to Gülen’s followers who are known to hold key positions inside the police and the judiciary, allegedly taking decisions upon the movement’s orders. (Contd....)


An Open Letter to Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan by an Ex-Baha'i

Hon. Prime Minister,

I am sure that you certainly know about the Baha'i cult that was established in Iran some 170 years ago.
The founders of this so called religion created much problems for the then government of Iran which was not ruled by Mullas or Islamic fundamentalists. Due to these fake prophets (Bab and Baha'u'llah) thousands of innocent people lost their lives. They wanted to topple the then government and establish their rule. They were miserably failed and the then government banished them to different countries. Some of them came and settled in your country. They are the proponents of a NEW WORLD ORDER that will be established in the near future and ruled from Haifa, Israel under the guidance of UHJ which has 9 male members. (They believe this body to be infallible and supreme). They have created many NGOs in different countries and they try to influence the governments of every country by their tactics. They receive guidance / orders from UHJ (Supreme Body) from time to time. They believe politics to be evil but they maintain good relations with the same evil politicians for their benefit. They have penetrated many government offices and slowly working to establish this NWO. They have been banned in many countries. Their missionaries deported from many countries and they have been caught red-handed converting innocent children and their parents under the garb of Moral and Spiritual Education.

Hon. Prime Minister,

I request your kind self for the betterment of Turkey and its interests to please keep a strict watch on the activities of this Cult. They are operating in various areas of Turkey making fool of the people under various "Feel Good" slogans like Unity, Equality, Education, Moral & Spiritual Youth Programmes.

Many of them have migrated to Keyseri and are very active in that part. They have converted many people to their cult deceptively.

Some Iranian Baha'i Refugees in Kayseri, Turkey
I request your office to please visit these websites for further information and take appropriate action :







With best wishes to you and your country,

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