Baha'i Awakening in India !

Baha'is are very famous for Writing Open Letters to prominent people throughout the world. They are very concerned for the suffering Humanity. They Love all and they believe in the unity of Religion and people.

This is a story from India which will hopefully serve as an eye opener for many.

Baha'i Awakening in India
I am an Indian Baha'i and a Journalist by profession. Almost on a daily basis I hear about the “oppression of Baha’is in Iran”, which saddens me. But what makes me question things is this:

Out of all of the oppressed peoples of the world, from South America to Chechnya, from Iran to the First Nation peoples of North America, why is that so much attention is given to seven people in Iran? I am not saying that persecution requires a high number of people for it to be persecution, but they act as if Baha’is are the only people being persecuted in that country. In the past twenty years, about two-hundred Baha’is have been executed by the State. That is a serious human rights crime, but does it really warrant a war, sanctions, and massive death for the entire Iranian population, while other countries that are allies of the United States kills groups of people in the thousands? And when non-Baha’is question Baha’is why they don’t speak out against the oppression of other groups of people, they basically say that it’s not their job.

I went to the Baha'i House to ask for a Condemnation Letter for the Mass Rapes of Women in India, because I saw that the whole of humanity was pouring out the sympathy for the Braveheart Nirbhaya who was also raped by many, the Baha'i Administration was silent on the whole issue.

The reply which I received was “we believe in reforming and betterment of the society and moreover we do not interfere in politics.” I was shell shocked at the hypocrisy of this Iranian Baha'i lady who called this a political issue and wanted every Indian to stand on their toes for the 7 Baha'is imprisoned in Iran.

Which would be a “fair”, albeit selfish answer if it were not for the sheer fact that the Baha’i institutions call on non-Baha’is to speak out on behalf of Baha’is? But when the tables are turned, the Baha’i institutions don’t want to hear it.

It left for me no time in concluding that the most hypocritical people on earth are these Baha'is who manipulate everything of the Baha'i Faith to suite them. Whether it is Holy writings or Baha'i Funds. They ridge elections, they exaggerate census, manipulate Baha'i money, Insult the Indians, they create martyrs to collect money.

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