Mother of UHJ member 'Mohajer' feels that 'Manipur' will be the first Baha'i State in India.

Mother of UHJ member Payman Mohajer.
She is considered to be a model for serving ABMs !!!
She explains her experience about teaching in North of India :

Assam : We were given a warm welcome by Baha'is of Guwahati, we met many Baha'is in their houses. We also had the opportunity of meeting the community. We visited four villages and stayed two nights in one village. In Assam 24 people accepted the Faith.

Nagaland : Our next stop was at Dimapur. though we had decided not to stay there for a long time, but we were forced to do so due to the ongoing roadways strike. The Board member of the area Mr. Panda arranged for gatherings at two villages and we had opportunity to visit the Baha’i community of these two places. There was a gathering of the Bahaiis of Dimapur in Mr. Panda's house and we were able to speak to some seekers. Few of them took declaration cards and promised to fill them later.

Manipur : From Dimapur we went to Imphal. A fireside was arranged which was attended by 35 people. The youth in Manipur are very enthusiastic when it comes to serving the Faith. I think this is a very unique community. If suitable plans are given to the youths of Manipur I feel this state can be the first Baha’i state in India. Three people accepted the Faith. One Local Spiritual Assembly was also formed.

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