Ali Sina is a Baha'i doing taqiyya

by Zulfiqar110
on Mon Aug 10, 2009 01:55 AM PDT

Yes, the person hiding behind the alias Ali Sina and the website is indeed an Iranian-Bahai living in Canada. In 2002 when I started to post to the old Jebhe Melli board (Mr Masoud Kazemzadeh here was there at the time, he might remember the incident) I found a whole plethora of posts by Ali Sina there where he was outright and quite unashamedly lauding Abbas Effendi as the greatest figure of the 20th century. When I queried him as to why as a claimed secularist he didn't chose Albert Einstein, Nelson Mandela or even Ghandhi, but Abbas Effendi, he went quiet and then when I pressed the matter further he and his goons began attacking me over there in identical terms as I and the other Baha'i naysayers here are now being attacked. I then went over to his website to initiate a dialogue and found that the Baha'is there were getting an inordinate amount of preferential treatment from Ali Sina, and that anyone who attempted the same sort of deconstruction of Bahaism as was being done to Islam over there, would soon find themselves run out of the site.

Towards the end of 2003 I obtained a private email from a correspondent who had likewise been kicked off for questioning its then outright pro-Neo-Conservative and ultra-Zionist political platform, claiming to me to know who Ali Sina was in real life and that Mr Sina is in fact a Baha'i. I pressed the individual to give me a name, but they refused and then stopped writing me altogether after I pressed the matter.

This pattern of doing taqiyya by certain rabidly (even fascist) anti-Islamic Baha'is is one we even witness here in the person of Faramarz Fatteh and similar aliases. Most non-Baha'i Iranians can't detect what's going on at first. But ex-Baha'is such as myself have a nose for such duplicity and we see it from miles away. The project that Ali Sina represents also fits the Haifan Baha'i agenda because the Baha'is have a stated objective of one day turning Iran into a theocratic Baha'i state which they call the Baha'i Commonwealth. In order to accomplish this task they see their first goal as to first discredit Islam and Muslims - or any facet of Islamicate civilization, for that matter - by associating and lumping everything under the rubric of Islam and Islamic with modern Islamism and fundamentalism. In this scheme even Sufis and Isma'ilis are their target, as I first found out to my utter shock and horror on Ali Sina's site. In other words, we are talking about kulturkampf, i.e. the term the Nazis designated when justifying their attempts to completely Aryanize Germany. What's going on here and with Ali Sina is precisely what this all is, kulturkampf.

I agree that many individual Baha'is are good people just as many Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus or Buddhists are good people. Note I was raised and grew up in this community until before my 25th birthday when I formally withdrew from it, in disgust and, yes, there are countless good, well-meaning people amongst them whom I have extremely fond memories of. The problem is the Stalinist groupthink of the organization itself, especially its leadership apparatus and those who represent it in any capacity (like the buffoons here), not to mention the corrupt political culture driving it all which turns otherwise good people into completely blind monsters and dangerous ideological ignoramuses of the worst sort. The mentality of the organizational Baha'i cadre is not unlike the Hezbollah of the early years of the revolution and the current supporters of the regime.

But that said, the Haifan Baha'i organization is a cult and does have a sinister political agenda which I don't believe anyone in good conscience can remotely support. Also note that anyone who remotely criticizes (even politely) this agenda is subject to a barrage of the most malicious (sometimes even downright criminal) abuse imaginable, where the Baha'i attackers will stop at nothing. I have seen many good people damaged by thisand I have made it one of my goals to stop these people in continuing such behavior by exposing them far and wide. As such with blind, ideologically driven individuals such as these one is no longer in polite company, but in a war with often opportunistic and extremely dangerous fascists.

Please read this article on Sourcewatch on the Baha'i Faith and follow its links.
Finally, to the anonymous poster: My agenda is to combat Fascism and Stalinism in whatever form it manifests itself: Islamic, Baha'i or otherwise. This agenda also entails that people like me are not going to sit back and see another repeat of the past 30 years in Iran whereby one group of tyrants are replaced with another. That is my political agenda as well the agenda to keep alive the flame of Iranian esoteric spirituality (whether in its pre-Islamic, Islamic or post-Islamic forms) from those whose explicit agenda is to extinguish this flame for the cause of their own selfish power-lust and self-aggrandizement, be they the IRI, the MKO or the Baha'i UHJ!

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