Baha'u'llah's sister Khānum Buzurg describes the terrorist activities of earlier Baha'is

Baha'i Terrorists according to Baha'u'llah's own sister.

“They gathered a group of hooligans from different provinces of Iran and from the same places fugitives who had never believed in any religion and had no faith in any prophet and had no work but manslaughter and had no occupation but stealing peoples’ property. Even though they claimed they were following [the customs] of Ḥusayn (the grandson of the Prophet Muḥammad who was ruthlessly murdered by Shimr on the orders of Yazīd) they summoned a group of Shimr-like people around themselves. The breath of any soul who uttered anything but what they were satisfied with was suffocated. They beat any head which made the slightest sound other than accepting their guardianship. They cut every throat which showed other than humbleness towards them. They pierced every heart which had love towards other than them. The first group whose names we previously mentioned fled to Karbala, Najaf and elsewhere fearing those bloodthirsty headsmen. They beheaded Sayyid Ismā`īl Iṣfahānī, they ripped Mīrzā Aḥmad Kāshī’s guts, they killed Āghā Abul-Qāsim Kāshi and threw his body in the Tigris river, they finished Sayyid Aḥmad with a gun, they scattered Mīrzā Ridhā’s brain with rocks, they cut Mīrzā `Alī’s body from the sides and pushed him unto the path of demise. Other than these, they killed others in the darkness of night and threw their bodies in the Tigris river; yet others were killed in the Bazaar in daylight and cut to pieces with daggers and machetes . . .,” `Izziyyih Khānum (Khānum Buzurg), Tanbīh al-nā’imīn, pp. 11–12.

Blessed Beauty !? About those who bore enemity against the Baha'i Cult !

Shameem Taheri promotes Baha'u'llah and Baha'i faith through Music and Dance.

Baha'u'llah and Baha'i Faith in Shameem Taheri's new Music Album
At the age of 15, considered the age of maturity in the Baha’i faith, she affirmed her mother’s faith, in which she had been raised, as her own. More than just an influence on her music, the Baha’i faith is a prominent character in this new album. The title is a reference to writing by Bahá’u’lláh ....

‘Abdu’l-Bahá - The Perfect Exemplar : He used to consume castor oil for his constipations.

In his writings Baha'u'llah instructed all the Baha'is to turn to his eldest son, ‘Abdu’l-Bahá. So all the Baha'is suffering from Constipation should turn to ‘Abdu’l-Bahá for the solution.

Page 113 of "With ‘Abdu’l-Bahá Reminiscences of Khalíl Shahídí"
Check the Red Part - For some reasons Ahang Rabbani left it untranslated...!
The untranslated section (marked above) reads as follows :

حضرت عبدالبهاء گاهی اوقات محض تخلیه ی از فضول و اعتدال مزاج، فقط روغن کرچک را اختیار می فرمودند با پرهیز.

Translation :

"His highness ‘Abdu’l-Bahá for the defection of feces and the health of his bowels would only use castor oil along with abstinence"

This may be the reason for his obesity. He also used to smoke Cigarettes gifted to him by Western Pilgrims.

‘Abdu’l-Bahá and his fat belly.

Caught Red Handed: How Ahang Rabbani Exposed the Censoring and Information Control Method in Baha’i Publications

Dr. Ahang Rabbani in Iran
UPDATE: Ahang Rabbani had made a number of distortions in the translation of the current work to hide nasty things that Abdu'l-Baha had said. This has been documented here.

Dr. Ahang Rabbani, the celebrated and prominent Baha’i scholar and translator, passed away in 2013 leaving behind a wealth of Baha’i related works and translations. These works are mostly the memoirs of trusted Baha’i eyewitnesses who have narrated their memories and their observations during their stays with Baha’u’llah and Abdu’l-Baha.

Dr. Ahang Rababni: A servant of Haifan UHJ and Baha’i whitewasher

Six Million Dollars (in 1995) for Maintaining Shrines & Gardens and 1000 Dollars for Flood Victims !?

Baha'is buying "Cheap Publicity" by donating 1000 Dollars.
February 19, 2015

Alfred Chauwa -Nyasa Times

National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahai's in Malawi on Thursday handed over relief items wealth K4.5 million (Approx. 1000 US$) towards flood victims.

Handing over the donation to the department of disaster management Chairperson of the Bahai Assembly, Richard Chatambalala said the community felt concerned with the magnitude of the devastation. (!?)

Chatambalala said the Bahai community is grateful to those who have responded positively.

Receiving the donation, under secretary, Shaupikalai Nyirenda commended Bahai community for the kind donation.

Some of the items which the Bahai donated include 250 Plastic sheets, 100 plastic buckets, 100 mosquito nets, 500 bags of maize flour, and 500 bails of Soya pieces.

See also :

Lamentations of Bani Dugal the representative of the Bahá'í International Community to the United Nations.

The servant of BIC in The United nations
Bani Dugal, the principal representative of the Bahá'í International Community to the United Nations never fails in lamenting the situation of Bahá'ís in Iran but fails to take the account of Bahá'í situation in other countries like Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Sri Lanka and so on. Her obsessions with Iran are part of the pre-paid scheme of Universal House of Justice. Fortunately the intellectuals and most governments have interpreted the strategy of Bahá'ís and pay little heed to such lamentations.

As an example, in a case filed by an Iranian Bahá'í couple in 2005 in UK to be granted ‘Refugee’ status, Bani Dugal in support of the Bahá'í couple gave evidences of Human Right violations in Iran and expressed her dismay and disappointment, at the failure of the UN Commission on Human Rights to even consider a resolution on human rights in Iran, particularly related to the persecution of the Bahá'ís. The learned judges blasted her by saying that the Bahá'í couple are not at a risk of persecution in Iran merely by reason of being a Bahá'í. They said:

“The evidence does not, however, show that the nature and prevalence of this discrimination is of such intensity and generality as to amount to persecution for the purposes of the Refugee Convention. It is significant that none of the outside observers who have had cause to consider the situation of Bahá'ís has formed the conclusion that a person is at real risk of persecution in Iran merely by reason of being a Bahá'í. That includes Bahá'ís who practice their faith. Each of the witnesses who gave evidence on behalf of the appellant and his wife were Bahá'ís. In both their oral and written utterances, they refer to the Bahá'ís as being persecuted. Whilst the use of such language is understandable, it does not compel a conclusion on the part of this Tribunal that any Iranian Bahá'í, practicing or not, who makes his or her way to the United Kingdom, should be accorded international protection.”

In the same case the judges assessed regarding the Bahá'í couple who were previously released after a brief imprisonment, on giving assurance to the Iranian authority that they will not conduct any Ruhi Institute (propagation) activity:

“Taking the appellant's account at face value for the moment, he told us that he ceased to work on behalf of the Institute, at their suggestion, after he had been released from his second sentence of imprisonment. His evidence was, however, to the effect that he had nevertheless pursued the promotion of the Bahá'í faith by means of the teaching system produced by the Ruhi Institute.”

Ms. Dugal even wrote to National Assemblies of Bahá'ís of many countries to impress upon their governments to vote in favor of the resolution adopted by western countries condemning human rights violations in Iran. But thanks to awareness of these governments, they voted against the resolution or remained absent.

Ms. Dugal should realize that these organizations and Countries are realizing the duplicity of Bahá'í Organization and have come to the conclusion that helping Bahá'í faith is not their duty but is a liability for them in near future.

Ms. Dugal’s attention is drawn towards a Facebook discussion under the subject of Israel-Gaza conflict, wherein Dr. Kavian Milani a well-known Bahá'í writer has expressed: “when Hamas knows that by throwing a missile to Israeli territories, thousands of bombs will be dropped over their people and their belongings, then Hamas is the responsible party for the massacre of Gaza”. If Dr. Milani’s logic is correct, then the same applies to the Bahá'í Faith in Iran. When as a small minority group Bahá'ís challenge the government, and call it as despotic state and condemn it in international conferences and gatherings and through frequent waves of aggressive teaching endanger the trusts, beliefs and doctrines of their people, then what reaction do you expect from a religious state? Very similar sentiments were echoed by UK judges as well.

Why the Bahá'í Administration situated at Haifa Israel are asking the Bahá'í community to contact the political leaders of their country and to put pressure on Iran to stop the alleged persecution of Bahá'ís which the UK judges have demolished the allegation?

The Bahá'í counselors are talking in every meeting at every place that Universal House of Justice has asked the Iranian Bahá'ís to go and teach the Iranians and face the consequences. Do they think that this message will not reach the Iranian authorities? Or, publicizing the case of the fake Ayatollah Tehrani, supporting the Bahá'í Faith, would not warrant a severe action by the Iranian authorities?

The reality is that the Universal House of Justice is playing against the Bahá'ís of Iran INTENTIONALLY, they want Bahá'í martyrs from Iran so that UHJ can extract more money from the Bahá'ís, gain some cheap publicity for the Faith through professional lamenters like Bani Dugal.

Wahid Azal's response to an Iranian Baha'i who left Iran fearing persecution.

Baha'i Tears
While referring to : (Pdf)

Wahid Azal (A Prominent Bayani (Azali)) responds thus :

A judge of an imperial country that has consistently supported Bahaism since its inception found evidence that the human rights narratives being peddled by Bahais were exaggerated. This is pretty significant because it comes from a British court and not a court anywhere else.

Now, in 1976 when you left Iran bahai Habib Sabet was one of the richest men in Iran who owned Iranian Radio-Television, the Iranian Pepsi Cola franchise, held shares and interests in numerous local development companies, etc, and more significantly had direct regular access to the royal court and the Shah. There were also names like Hozhabr Yazdani and Karim Ayadi, who was the Shah's personal physician and a royal court insider since the time of Reza khan. Then there was Parviz Sabeti who was deputy head of SAVAK (and he was indeed a bahai despite all attempts by bahais currently to disingenuously dissociate themselves from this monster). Also, the father of Freemason Amir Abbas Hoveyda -- PM for over a decade and a half -- was not only a bahai but he had been Abbas Effendi's personal secretary in Palestine for some time. These are just a few well known prominent names of bahais during the Pahlavi regime who were outright beneficiaries of it. There were many, many, many more besides them.

Iran and Iranians are a generally tolerant society compared to either Arab, Turk or Indo-Pakistani Muslim societies. However, the level at which bahaism was systematically undermining Iran and Iranians on behalf of Tsarist and Anglo-American imperial interests since the 1870s in Iran was enough to raise the ire of even the most tolerant of tolerant Iranians. Add to that the fact that bahais outright claim to shun nationalism and claim themselves as globalists, and one can appreciate further why Iranians of all shades would have problems with bahais. Then in 1948 comes the establishment of the illegal Zionist settler colonialist state in Palestine, which benefits bahais immediately and directly, later turning that the bahais had been supporting the establishment of Zionism in Palestine since 1897, and one can appreciate even further why Iranians would be weary.

Since the Islamic Revolution of 1979 bahais in the West have gone out of their way on multiple occasions to undermine Iran and its government at every given opportunity via assorted NGOs lobbying Western governments. The present international sanctions on Iran imposed on it (based on fabricated allegations of a fictitious nuclear weapons program that Iran actually does not possess) also bears the imprint of the Haifan bahai cult.

Finally, bahais cry and moan about being persecuted in Iran while they thrive under a brutal, apartheid, militarist, fascist, European occupier settler colony in Palestine. Whatever discrimination they may have faced, or continue to face, in Iran (which in my personal opinion is well deserved) evaporates into total insignificance given what Palestinians face on a daily basis from the hands of the demonic Slavo-Turk Khazarian, Frankist-Sabbatian, AshkeNazi, Rothschild bankster regime calling itself "Israel." Not once have bahais collectively or officially raised their voices during these past 67+ years on behalf of Palestinians in this Zionist Holocaust of Palestine and Palestinians. Like the Zionist monsters bahais regularly parrot the Zionist occupiers shameless Palestine-Denial and in this continue to contribute to the Palestinian Holocaust. Given this, Haifan bahais are no better than the assorted Nazi collaborators in Europe during WWII.

Source : TRB
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