Another failed prophecy of Abdul Baha

"Verily, I beseech God to make thee confirmed under all circumstances. Do not become despondent, neither be thou sad. ERE LONG, THY LORD GOD SHALL MAKE THEE A SIGN OF GUIDANCE AMONG MANKIND." 

(The Star of The West, Vol. V, No. 19 Tablet from Abdu'l Baha to Mason Remey)

Baha'is consider this person who is supposed to be a "Sign of Guidance" a fraud, liar, and covenant breaker.

Iranian Muslim youtuber exposes Baha'i electoral system and Baha'i dissmulation after the death of Shoghi Effendi.

All Baha'i properties and assets in Iran that had been registered under Shoghi Effendi's name from the late 1920s to his death in 1957. Apparently there was a sizable amount. Ershad even cites a case/court number to the alleged case.

According to documents obtained and cited by Hasan Ershad in the last episode of his weekly 1hr program which is posted here; after Shoghi Effendi died in 1957, his wife, the Hands and a few members of Shoghi Effendi's family colluded together and went to an Iranian court in Tehran and matter of factly claimed Shoghi Effendi to have been a Shi'ite Muslim in order seize Baha'i national assets in Iran that had been registered under his name. The Iranian law did not recognize the legitimacy of Bahaism as a valid religion and only a Jew, a Christian, a Zoroastrian or a Shi'ite or Sunni Muslim could legitimately inherit, transfer or pass on transference of property and assets in Iran. After his death, the legal status of these properties and assets obtained under Shoghi Effendi's name were in limbo so these people simply marched into an Iranian court and claimed Shoghi as a Shi'ite Muslim in order to resolve the legal ambiguity and seize the property and assets. A few of these people were summoned by the court to give legal testimony that Shoghi Effendi had been a Shi'ite Muslim, and that is exactly what they did!

Ficicchia's book forced Baha'i cultists to register themselves as an NGO in West Germany!

By Wahid Azal

Ficicchia's book is actually quite well written and extensive in its scope with the German Council of Protestant churches getting behind Ficicchia himself during the period. The German Council of Protestant churches is Germany's most powerful religious lobby. The Baha'is attacked Ficicchia and his book relentlessly, mobilizing their big guns here such as Udo Schaeffer and Nikola Tawfigh who wrote up an 800+ page Baha'i-style refutation that consists of pure bunkum and propaganda. This so-called refutation was later translated into English as Making the Crooked Straight. However, the damage inflicted on the reputation of these cultists in West Germany as a result of Ficicchia's book was decisive, wide-ranging and shattering. Only one or two years after its publication in 1981, the West German government of the time withdrew the Haifan Baha'i organization's "religion" status as a result of the book. The Haifan Baha'is were then forced to register themselves instead as an NGO until 2012-13 when they regained their religion status due to an administrative technicality. This book definitely deserves a translation. His most recent book on the Baha'is ( ) is also worth translating.

Former Baha'i (Qurrat361) replies to Baha'i troll Scott Hakala on Reddit

BIA Hack Scott Hakala

Click here to read Scott's post at reddit.

Below is the reply by user Qurrat361
Do you not realize that every academic you cite in this post is a Baha'i? Baha'i scholarship is hardly worthy of the name since all Baha'i "academics" are bound, as per the Baha'i Review policy, to subject their works to examination and correction by a Baha'i council, followed by punishment providing they don't retract any problematic findings, regardless of whether they're actually true. You provide no proof for any of your claims save references to these psuedo-historians, to Baha'i hagiography—which is not authentic history—and to "other historians and academics" (who?)

That the Baha'i's have, time after time, acted in service of empire and dictatorship is beyond denial. It is quite simply a matter of doctrine for the Baha'i, and it is no wonder that Idi Amin said of the Baha'i teachings concerning obedience to governments: "This is right." (Baha'i News, vol. 7, p. 873).

The extent of Baha'i boot licking is such that you find direct endorsements of the US government in Baha'i scriptures; that you have Baha'i's getting their administrative rights revoked because they lied to the Iranian government in order to leave the country (How is this not a martyr cult?); and that, time after time, the Baha'i Administration offers its tacit support to the Israeli government (absolutely indefensible in light of its recent actions) despite claiming otherwise (and before you come out with your prepared response, no, I am not claiming that the AO supports Israel simply because the BWC is in Haifa).

No doubt you'll just mark me off as being an Iranian agent and disregard everything I've said/respond with one of your cookie cutter responses. You've made that accusation about me before on Quora, though you later edited your comment, as you admit yourself here. You've called people who make connections between the Faith and imperialism "conspiracy theorists," yet you and other Baha'is are known for engaging in such behaviour. It's quite hypocritical, really, and extremely paranoid.

The Baha'i Administrative Order creates in its members a sort of pathological fear about Iran. I am no Iran apologist, but I suspect that many of their claims about Iran are overblown; same with the claims of other nations about the country. Even if your claims about Iran are true, this still doesn't resolve the fact that the Baha'i Faith creates in the Baha'i a pathological fear and suspicion concerning Iran, and this fear is used to conceal the true, imperialist motives the Baha'i Administration has for attacking Iran. These sorts of conspiracy theories and persecution narratives are necessary for the Baha'i Faith to sustain its ideological position and to gain the support of the nations of the world.

The Baha'i Administration doesn't truly care about Baha'is being persecuted in Iran. If they did, they wouldn't punish persecuted Baha'is for doing whatever they can to leave the country. The Baha'i Faith is a martyr cult—simple as that. The fact of martyrdom, however isn't of the greatest importance; what is important is why the Baha'i AO needs Iran to keep its ideological hold upon its members in place. Every controlling/destructive organization needs a scapegoat. For Scientology, that scapegoat is psychiatry; for the Baha'i's it is Iran. It does not matter if any of their claims about either of these things are true. What matters is that the people believe them, and the Baha'is certainly do believe the Faith's narrative about Iran. Other groups and nations eat it up too.

The claims about Iranian agents on the internet, however, is a very peculiar one. It's clear you're simply using it as an ad hominem to deflect focus from your poorly-evidenced claims onto the person arguing against them. One would think that the Iranian government has better things to do than to argue on the internet about a dying religion. That doesn't seems to be the case for the Baha'is, though. It is a matter of fact and is acknowledged by Baha'is that there is an arm of the AO specifically created to deal with faith-related issues on the internet (Baha'i Internet Agency). That fact makes me question why you are spending so much time here. 

Source :

Baha'is making fool of Pakistan and Pakistani people.

Baha'is sowing the seeds of Baha'ism in the innocent hearts of Pakistani Children and Pakistani government is awarding them with more money!

Grant, scholarships announced for Baha'is!!!!!!?

Islamabad : The Bahai community celebrated their festival of Eid-e-Rizvan here on the Pakistan National Council of the Arts premises, where Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Sardar Muhammad Yousaf was the chief guest.

Greeting the followers of Bahai religion on the festival, the minister expressed joy at the presence of prominent personalities of other communities, including Muslim, Hindu, Christian and Parsi.

He said minorities were enjoying equal rights in the country as Islam was a peaceful religion giving equal rights to all communities.

He announced Rs500,000 for the welfare of Bahai community, besides offering scholarships to its students.

MNA Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankvani said five per cent quota reserved for non-Muslims in government jobs should be enhanced. According to information available, Eid-e-Ridvan is a 12-day festival in the Baha'i faith, commemorating the religion's founder, Baha Ullah's, declaration that he was a divine manifestation. It begins at sunset on April 21 and continues until sunset on May 2.

The Baha'i founded US defence contractor

One seeker after reading above pages, commented :
Are the Tayebis involved with the Administrative Order or are they individual actors who have enriched themselves in the arms trade?

You can find many individuals of various religions who engage in activities contrary to the precepts of their professed religion.

On the other hand, there are Bahá’ís who have actively paved the way for conflict with the blessing of the Administrative Order. The weapons inspector David Kelly comes to mind.
Masood Tayebi
Saeid Ghafouri, Massih Tayebi
 Answer by N. Wahid Azal

No Haifan Baha'i can so much as lift a finger or let out air without the nod and blessing of the Haifan "Administrative Order." If they were acting against the interests of this cult's politburo, they would be sanctioned, publicly humiliated and thrown out. As it stands the Tayyebis have neither been sanctioned or thrown out so it would appear that the "Administrative Order" views these things with complaisance. The Tayyebis aren't the only ones either. However, this particular family also happen to be related to a Sangsari Iranian Baha'i clan whose corruption under the Pahlavi regime as a cosa nostra crime syndicate was one that the "Administrative Order" then did nothing about since it appears that the "Administrative Order" under the tutelage of Habib Sabet-Pasal (the Iranian NSA's secretary-general from 1953 after the coup against Mossadegh to 1978) was in business with these very same people.

Given this, and numerous other examples, the claim that "individuals of various religions who engage in activities contrary to the precepts of their professed religion" is a non sequitur which does not really fly in the case of Haifan Baha'ism since Haifan Baha'ism is not really a religion at all but a cult which has for over a century masqueraded itself under a belief system when it is really a shady business engaging in arms dealing, espionage, and similar. After all Baha'ullah himself is documented to have engaged in such underhanded shady business activities while operating as the don of a mafia during the Baghdad period (1853-63). This was also one of the reasons why the Ottomans decided to move them from Iraq to Turkey on the Black Sea.

That aside, why don't you write your NSA and ask them about the Tayyebis and Kratos, and post the answer here when they respond.

Also ask them about this woman who is a contractor for the US departments of Defense as well as Homeland Security.

Another point to mention is that many of these aforementioned people also have direct, established and intimate ties to the "regime change" crowd in government and the private sector. In the case of the Abedians of Australia this is also due to their close business relationship with the royal family of the United Arab Emirates (particularly Dubai's) whose underhanded attempts against the Islamic Republic of Iran is well documented. This crowd of people are also linked closely to assorted anti-Iran Israeli lobbies and think-tanks, in the United States as well as Australia and elsewhere, and they are among the same crowd of Baha'i business people reaping the most benefits by Donald Trump scrapping America's role in the Iran Deal and attempting to position the US, Israel and their regional allies for possible regime change and war against Iran.

Those with money and those without it are treated completely differently within this cult. This is because Bahaism from its inception has always been a criminal kleptocracy. So while this system keeps rank-a-file plebs in line by keeping them preoccupied with the smokescreen of Bahaism qua "religion", the actual elite of the system make business and sells arms -- as well as many other things.

Source :

Guardians of the Iranian American Scholarship Fund, extreme right Masood and Haleh Tayebi, they collect money then use it for Baha'is.

Queen of England grants the title of ‘MBE' to a Baha'i Teacher who converted Christians to the Baha'i Faith in Vanuatu.

Baha'i Teacher is awarded by the Queen for converting people to Bahaism.

Mr Pierce was recognised for four decades of education services to Vanuatu, the country he called home for more than half his life.

The 77-year-old Englishman said after travelling throughout Asia in his younger days, he discovered the Baha’i faith, and it was through this faith he began his journey of teaching abroad.

He now calls Albany home and has done so for the past five years, in-between trips to Vanuatu.

“I’m a teacher by trade, and I heard through my Baha’i faith that people were needed in the Pacific, to help develop and grow the Baha’i people in the community,” he said.

“So I lived and worked for a year in Vanuatu, married my wife in Australia a year later in 1968, then in 1971 went back to Vanuatu and stayed there for 42 years.”
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