How many Baha'is in Iran ? 300 thousand !???

Baha'i life in Iran
Bahaismiran: One of the proselytizing issues of the deviant cult of Baha'ism is the statistics by the center of census of Iran in 1385 (2006), the total number of population in Iran was 70,495,782 out of which 70,097,741 people were Muslims, 19,823 the Zoroastrians, 109,415 the Christians, 9,252 the Jewish, other religion: 54,234 and 205,317 were expressed.

The statistics related to 1390 (2011) are as follows:

The Muslims: 74,682,842
The Christians: 117,704
The Jewish: 8,756
The Zoroastrian: 25,271
Other: 49,101
Unexpressed: 265,995

Because of the lack of the formal statistics by the Baha'is, the exact number isn’t existed. The Baha'i heads want to exaggerate about the number of Baha'is in the country.

According to the results of the public census, the number of Baha’is in 1375 (1996) has been less than 0.25 percent out of the total number of population. This census increased in 1385; that is, 0.37 percent. This census isn’t correspondent with the Baha'i one.

Based on the comparison done on the published census by the Iranian center for census, during the years prior 1375 (1996), less than 40,000 Baha’is were living in Iran; but the universal house of justice (the center for the Baha’i organization located at Israel) has announced this statistics as 300,000 people. It can be said that the number of Baha’is in Iran in the years 1375 (1996) and 1385 (2006) being estimated as nearly 25 to 40 thousand people if the Baha’i shares out of the column of unexpressed is 15 percent. (refer to the website of the Iranian census center)

A website has written about the population of the deviant cult of Baha'ism:

According to the Baha’i texts, Abdul Baha pretended to be a Muslim in Palestine. He was participating in Friday prayer and pretended to be bound with the Islamic commandments in order to live confortably…

The experts have emphasized that the Baha’i organization has continually insisted on exaggeration during the previous decades.

In order to achieve this aim, the Baha’is are ordered by the organization to write the word Baha’i or other in the religion column.

Anyway, it can be observed that their census isn’t right at all in the years 1375 (1996) and 1385 (2006).

According to the Iranian census center, the other and unexpressed columns in 1375 (1996) consisted of 147,295 people out of 60,055,488 total population of Iran (That is 0.25 percent comparing 99.56 percent of Muslims) and in 1385 (2006) consisted of 263,199 people out of 70,472,846 total population of Iran (That is 0.37 percent comparing 99.43 percent of Muslims)!

Meanwhile, this census consists of those who haven’t desired to express their religions. It can be estimated that the total number of Baha’is during the years 1375 (1996) and 1385 (2006) is nearly 25 to 40 thousand while the universal house of justice claimed the number is 300,000 ones.

It can be also said that some Baha’is have pretended to be Muslims due to their benefits like Abdul Baha who pretended to be Muslim when he was in Palestine and participated in Muslim Friday prayers in order live comfortably.

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